The Fun Facts of the Dodgers Losing Streak, And Why It is Happening

Whew!  It has been a tough stretch for the Dodgers, hasn’t it?  If you have been involved with the NFL news, and Kickoff, and have not been paying much attention to the MLB, well, here you go.  The Dodgers are 92-51, a .643 win percentage.  Not bad at all, you may say.  However, the problem is that the Dodgers have lost 15 of their last 16 games.  That is right.  The Dodgers are 1-15 in their last 16 games.  They are currently on a ten game losing streak.  It is not going well.


Speculations on the Sudden Downturn of the Dodgers

  • The Dodgers have been plagued with some injuries as of late, to some of their players.  Some have just returned from injury, while others are battling through them.  You would expect that the longer this goes, the worse it gets.  This might explain why the Dodgers have had a tough time later in the season.
  • The Dodgers still have an amazing record.  Even with this downturn in production.  The Dodgers have been playing at a high level all season, and maybe they are just getting tired.  Sometimes, a good team just runs out of gas, because it is hard to continually win at a high level.
  • The Dodgers are probably not as motivated to win.  Yes, they are 9 games ahead, and still could lose the division, and the Nationals are not too far behind.  However, before this whole 16 game streak began, the Dodgers pretty much had the number 1 seed sealed, and done.  They still are projected their, but now they cannot let down their guard, and keep losing horribly.

I do not know.  Maybe it is one of those speculations, maybe it is all of them, or maybe none of them.  Who knows?  Anyways, what do you think, Sports Reaction Nation?  Do you think the Dodgers still are a high caliber team?  Put your comments below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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