Move Over Patriots, There is a New Number 1! NFL Tier Power Rankings: Week 2

Week 1 of the NFL is in the books.  It is a great time to be alive during this time of year, unless your team had a tough week.  The tier rankings continue this week, and there is a lot of movement across the board.  Did your team move up this week?



Very Good

1. Kansas City Chiefs (No. 7)

2. Green Bay Packers (No. 3)

3. New England Patriots (No. 1)

4. Oakland Raiders (No. 8)

5. Dallas Cowboys (No. 6)

Do I believe that the Chiefs will stay at number 1?  No, but after this first week, the Chiefs look absolutely unstoppable, with Hill, Kelece, and Hunt on offense.  The Packers are consistent on both sides of the ball, and Aaron Rodgers gives any team a run for their money.  The Patriots did not look good in the season opener, but it is only one week.  Let it breath, everyone.  The Raiders looked good, and Lynch looked like a stable running back.  The Cowboys sneak into the “Very Good” tier, mainly because Zeke is back for the season, as of now.


6. Pittsburgh Steelers (No. 5

7. Atlanta Falcons (No. 2)

8. Seattle Seahawks (No. 4)

I have seen the Steelers ranked number 1 overall in some power rankings this week…And I am completely confused why.  They almost lost to the Browns, and Bell looked really ineffective.  The Falcons won, but it was just a sloppy game all around, and could have easily lost to the Bears this week.  The Seahawks were beat by the Packers, and a lot of that had to do with their offensive line.  The offense could not go anywhere, and the defense was consistently on the field.

Above Average

9. Detroit Lions (No. 12)

10. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (No. 10)

11. Philadelphia Eagles (No. 20)

12. Minnesota Vikings (No. 24)

13. Tennessee Titans (No. 9)

The Lions had a great game, with Stafford showing his franchise why they paid him.  The Buccaneers did not play this week, but will probably blow the Bears out of the water, with an extra week to prepare.  The Eagles had a shocking win against the Redskins, and Blount has not lost much of his power from last year.  The Vikings also had a shocking win against Saints, and were the most balanced team in the game.  The Titans lost to the Raiders, but still have enough talent on both sides of the ball to stay above average.


14. Baltimore Ravens (No. 16)

15. Miami Dolphins (No. 15)

16. New York Giants (No. 13)

17. Denver Broncos (No. 17)

18. Carolina Panthers (No. 22)

19. Washington Redskins (No. 11)

The Ravens blew out the Bengals, and look like stern competition for their division.  The Dolphins, because of Irma, stays the same as last week.  The Giants lost to the Cowboys, and had a hard time on offense without Odell, and the defense struggled for the first half.  The Broncos won, and the defense was strong, but the offense did not create any separation to get ahead of the game, and kept it close all evening.  The Panthers looked dominant against the 49ers, but it is hard to tell how impressive it was, since it was the 49ers.  The Redskins round out the average tier, after losing to the Eagles.  Their offense looked less than stellar, and just could not get anything going in the game.

Below Average

20. Los Angeles Chargers (No. 23)

21. Cincinnati Bengals (No. 18)

22. Jacksonville Jaguars  (No. 29)

23. Buffalo Bills (No.25)

24. Houston Texans (No. 19)

The Chargers lost, but they still move up in the rankings.  Mainly because they almost beat the Broncos, only to get blocked at the end.  The Bengals were, well, not impressive against the Ravens, and need to figure out something at offensive line.  The Jaguars move from the worst tier, to this tier.  Who needs a quarterback when you have a defense that can get 10 sacks?  The Bills only beat the Jets, but I have them ranked this high, because of the ironic fact that they are on top of the AFC East.  The Texans lost to the Jaguars, and could not keep any of their quarterbacks upright.  However, we will see if Watson will be a better fit for the Texans than Savage.


25. Los Angeles Rams (No. 28)

26. Arizona Cardinals (No. 21)

27. New Orleans Saints (No. 13)

28. Cleveland Browns (No. 30)

The Rams blew out the Colts.  I mean, blew them out!  It looks as if Gurley may be back to rookie form.  The Cardinals drop after losing, but even more after David Johnson injured his wrist.  The Saints are ranked this far down, not only for losing, but for being SO ONE DIMENSIONAL ON OFFENSE!!!  I am sick, and tired of how unbalanced the Saints are, and they will never be good until they can do that.  The Browns move out from the bottom tier, because they kept up with the Steelers for most of their game.


29. Chicago Bears (No. 27)

30. San Francisco 49ers (No. 31)

31. Indianapolis Colts (No. 26)

32. New York Jets (No. 32)

The Bears were not far from beating the Falcons, but that was only because of sloppy play on the Falcons part.  The 49ers did hardly anthing in their game against the Panthers.  The Colts might have looked the worst in the entire league, without Luck, do not expect many wins from them.  The Jets stay at the bottom, because they still have nothing to look forward to this season.

Well, there are my week 2 power rankings, Sports Reaction Nation.  But what do you think?  Comment what you think below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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