Almost all NBA Teams will be Over their Salary Cap in 2018

NBA teams have been paying more, and more money to have high talent on their teams.  Millions of dollars are being paid to these players, and it is only rising.  However, it may get a little more complicated by next year, due to the salary cap limit.

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Okay, so teams in the NBA have almost a 100 million dollars to spend.  So you would think, “That is quite a bit, especially considering that you have only 5 guys on the court at a time”.  Well, I guess teams do not like keeping a budget, because next year only 5 teams are projected to be below the salary cap.  The teams that area projected to be below their salary are the Bulls, Hawks, Mavericks, Pacers, and Lakers.

The Salary Cap in the Past

  • Each offseason since 2013, at least 12 teams were below the Salary Cap.
  • In the 2016 offseason, 27 teams were below the Salary Cap.
  • This offseason, 14 teams were below the Salary Cap

A few teams might be able to go below the salary cap by the time the 2018 offseason comes around.  This could make the offseason be less exciting next year.  If teams do not have money to spend, there will be less movement in free agency.  This might deter teams from spending willy-nilly on players without having a care in the world.

I have kind of been critical of how much NBA teams pay, because the salary cap is not doing a whole lot. Golden State, Cavaliers, Celtics, Rockets, etc. has ton of stars on their payroll, and they only continue paying more (which is not wrong by itself) but then they hardly cut their budget in another area.  So NBA teams have started to get out of control, so expect the next year to have a more monotone pace when it comes to contracts, and signings.

However, what are your thoughts, Sports Reaction Nation?  Do you think that NBA Teams are doing fine, or do you feel that they have a spending problem?  Put your thoughts, and opinions in the comments below.  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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