Cowboy’s fall, Raven’s Fly: Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

This is the first week were there is actually diversity in the win column, besides 1 or 0.  There was a lot of shifting up, and down, back, and forth in the power rankings this week.


Again, no one has shown that they are substantially more elite than anyone else, at this point.

Very Good

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. New England Patriots

3. Atlanta Falcons

4. Oakland Raiders

5. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Chiefs started out slow, but pulled away in the second half.  Tom Brady had an excellent performance…Catch?  It was against the Saints, but they still move up.  The Falcons had an impressive win against the Packers.  The Raiders blew out the Jets, not a shocker.  The Steelers were not super impressive, but move up a little into this tier.


6. Green Bay Packers

7. Detroit Lions

8. Denver Broncos

9. Baltimore Ravens

10. Philadelphia Eagles

The Packers lost, but it was mainly due to injuries to the offensive line, and Jordy Nelson.  The Lions have been good, hence them being put into the “Good ” tier.  The Broncos made Elliot look pathetic.  The Ravens got another win, and have been pretty impressive.  The Eagles lost, but they were very impressive against the Chiefs, and look like the favorites for the NFC East, so far.

Above Average

11. Dallas Cowboys

12. Seattle Seahawks

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

14. Tennessee Titans

15. Carolina Panthers

The Cowboys were humiliated by the Broncos, and will drop further if Zeke, and Dak perform like they did.  The Seahawks won…but their line did not.  The Buccaneers won, whoop-dee-doo.  The Titans squeaked by the Jaguars, making them look like themselves again.  The Panthers defense has been amazing, but Cam, and co have been a little slow to start.


16. Minnesota Vikings

17. Miami Dolphins

18. Washington Redskins

19. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Vikings lost, but it was to a angry Tom Brady, so it is understandable.  The Dolphins won in Cutler’s first game as a Dolphins.  Redskins won, and had a great game-winning drive.  The Jagaurs still were not horrible, the defense is still pretty promising.

Below Average

20. Los Angeles Chargers

21. New York Giants

22. Houston Texans

23. Buffalo Bills

The Chargers could be 2-0, if it were not for their kicker missing game-winning field goals.  The Giants have been horrible to watch, and even worse to watch on prime-time television.  The Texans beat the Bengals, the question is whether it was because the Texans are good, or if it was because the Bengals are bad.  The Bills lost to the Panthers, but the defense stood strong.


24. Arizona Cardinals

25. Los Angeles Rams

26. Cincinnati Bengals

27. Cleveland Browns

28. New Orleans Saints

The Cardinals won…barely…against the Colts…But at least they won.  The Rams are showing more promise then expected.  The Bengals do not have an offense…hopefully they will score a touchdown soon.  The Browns had QB troubles, but still did not fall far behind.  The Saints are never going to go far if they continue having a one-dimensional offense.


29. Chicago Bears

30. San Francisco 49ers

31. Indianapolis Colts

32. New York Jets

All of these teams can be explained in one sentence, “Maybe Next Year”.  And that is probably a big maybe.

Well, there are my week 3 power rankings, Sports Reaction Nation.  But what do you think?  Comment below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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