Redskins Charge into the Top Ten: Week 4 NFL Power Rankings

This week in the NFL was…surprising.  There were so many upsets, and near upsets across the league.  The unpredictability of the league has (Again) ruined my chances of winning the “Eliminator Challenge” for the entire season.  Come on, Dolphins.  Now, lets see who moved up, and down in the Power Rankings.

Very Good

1. Kansas City Chiefs

2. Atlanta Falcons

3. New England Patriots

4. Detroit Lions

The Chiefs intercepted Rivers 3 times, and the offense was effective (even without Kelce involved). The Falcons is the only team in the NFC that is 3-0, so good for them.  The Patriots were SUPER close to move down the list, quite a bit.  The Lions lost, but were only 1 play (or 1 penalty) away from beating the Falcons.


5. Philadelphia Eagles

6. Tennessee Titans

7. Washington Redskins

8. Green Bay Packers

9. Oakland Raiders

10. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Eagles now have a kicker who has a 60+ yard field goal under his belt.  Demarco Murray looked unstoppable with the Titans.  The Redskins showed that they should be part of this tier.  The Packers almost lost to, arguably, the worst offense in the league.  The Raiders were devastated by the Redskins on primetime, and Carr could not break out.  The Steelers lost to the bears…Nothing more needs to be said.

Above Average

11. Minnesota Vikings

12. Dallas Cowboys

13. Buffalo Bills

14. Denver Broncos

15. Jacksonville Jaguars

The Vikings actually looks pretty good…With Case Keenum.  The Cowboys drop in the rankings, even with a win, because of how close they came to losing.  The Bills upsetted the Broncos, and played well overall.  Trevor Siemian looked like a 7th round draft pick…Oh Wait.  The Jaguars looked like the best team this week, on offense, and defense.


16. Baltimore Ravens

17. Seattle Seahawks

18. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

19. New Orleans Saints

The Ravens flew in the last rankings, and now came to a crash landing.  They looked REALLY bad.  The Seahawks need to find someone who can actually block.  The Buccaneers have high hopes, but they look like the same old Bucs.  The Saints beat the Panthers, still not the most balanced offense, but Brees can beat any team on a given day.

Below Average

20. Los Angeles Rams

21. Chicago Bears

22. Houston Texans

23. Carolina Panthers

The Rams scored a bunch of points, but also allowed a bunch of points to the 49ers.  The Bears shockingly beat the Steelers.  The Texans were so close to beating the Patriots, all they need is a little better pass defense.  The Panthers lost to the Saints, and it was mainly due to the offense.


24. Arizona Cardinals

25. Cincinnati Bengals

26. New York Giants

27. Miami Dolphins

28. Los Angeles Chargers

The Cardinals were not far behind the Cowboys, and started to look a little bit more normal-ish.  The Bengals went into overtime with the Packers, more than anyone expected.  The Giants lost to a rookie kicker, and the offense is still not living up to the hype from this offseason.  The Dolphins lost to, in my opinion, the “Then” worst team in the NFL.  The Chargers did not completely lose against the Chiefs, and it could have looked more ugly (given that they had 3 interceptions).

Yep, still Horrible

29. New York Jets

30. Indianapolis Colts

31. Cleveland Browns

32. San Francisco 49ers

The Jets got a win…Yay!  The Colts got a win…Yay!  The Browns lost to the Colts…Not so big yay, but they almost came back to beat them.  The 49ers lost to the Rams, and were really close to winning.  However, they still lost to the Rams, meaning that they round out our list.

Well, there are my week 4 power rankings, Sports Reaction Nation.  But what do you think?  Comment below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be.

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