NFL Overachievers, Underachievers, and Overreactions: The Sports Reaction Show

Here we are, a quarter through the NFL Season, and so much has happened.  A lot of unpredictable, and chaotic events happened in the first month of the NFL, and I love it.  Here is the first recording of the Sports Reaction Show, covering multiple topics of the NFL.

Different Segments/Parts

00:55 Top 3 Overachievers

05:56 Top 3 Underachievers

13:47 Top 3 Overreactions

I have a little bit of a cold, so my voice will sound a little off.  Thanks for listening, and do not hate me too much.  The first recordings are always going to be a little rough, so I am using this more as a learning experience, so do not hate too much.

Music By U.S. Army Blues, Live at Blues Alley.  “BugaBlue”, “Bayou Farwell”, “Kelli’s Number”, “Barbara”.


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