Do NBA Superteams Help or Hurt the NBA?

I know it has been awhile since my last post.  Lets talk about the NBA, and superteams.

So, if you have literally been under a rock for the last 3 years, let me fill you in on the NBA situation.

In years past, people would talk about “Dream Teams”, and how interesting it would be to see great players on the same team.  Hence, why there is an All-star game.  However, we no longer have to dream, or wait till the All-Star game to see these great players playing in the same jersey.  The last few years have produced things called Superteams.  The seemingly common definition for these teams is “3 or more players that are pretty much All-Stars” or just really good players.  Golden State, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Oklahoma City Thunder (at a lower extent) all, you could say, are these so called “Superteams”.

Benefits of NBA Superteams

1. The All-Star Effect

I mentioned it before, but the main reason for the All-Star games is to see superstars playing on the same team.  With Superteams, fans can watch teams that have multiple superstars throughout the Regular Season.  Of course, I guess Superteams are bad for the All-Star games…Oh, well.  It is not like anyone likes those games very much anyways.

2. Easier brand to the General Public

So if you watch ESPN or some large sports media that is not a local station, but National, what NBA teams will you hear about the most?  Yes, you will hear about quite a few teams (because it is their job), but the most popular teams is Golden State and the Cavaliers.  Maybe you can throw in the Rockets, Thunder, Spurs and Celtics.  However, besides those teams, the media will talk about any of the other NBA team only if necessary.  Mainly, because those top few teams have a big chance of winning everything, and have multiple superstars that they can talk about.  How long can ESPN keep a national viewing audience of they only talk about the Denver Nuggets?  Not very long.  How long can they keep a national viewing audience if they only talk about Golden State?  Well, ask the media, because THAT IS WHAT THEY DO!  I’m sorry, I am very passionate about this.  The reason that the media talks about these sports teams is not only because they are on top of the league.  But they are also more appealing to more people, because they have the big name players.  More people will know about them, and it makes it easier to brand to the general audience.  Also, since these superteams usually win most of their games, there is more importance or significance to each of their games, then a non-contender.  Thirdly, casual to “NBA is another excuse to hang out with friends, but I do not really like it” fans will more likely root/support a winning or good team.  Bandwagon fans will jump on board to these superteams, and it is easier for them to, because there is only 5 good teams to decide from.

Troubles that Superteams cause

1. More predictable

If you take the NBA, and either the MLB or NFL (whichever you want) and tell me your predictions on who will make it to the Finals/World Series/Super Bowl, and I would assume that you would be a 100% correct in predicting the NBA, but the other leagues, I would say you might get 1 of the 2 teams, of that.  With the creation of Superteams, comes the creation of horrible teams.  Having 3 superstars on 1 team means that there is not 3 Superstars on 3 or 2 teams.  So the talent gets congested at the top, but the teams on the bottom do not get as much of this talent.  This makes the league more predictable, and less exciting across the board.

2. Superteams destrorys fanbases

This may sound like I am contradicting myself above, but let me explain.  These superteams makes the league more predictable.  No one thinks that the Pelicans/Pistons/even Rockets, as good as they may be, have a legitimate shot at the Finals.  The main drive for Sports fans is hope.  Hope that they can make it to the Finals or championship this year.  Maybe we are not the best team in the league, But we have some good players, and we might be able to do it.  Most fans feel like that at the beginning of a season, even if their team turns out less than average.  In the NBA, because of Superteams, fans for their specific teams do not have any hope of making it.  Unless you are in the top 5, you are not thinking that your team will make it.  This makes fans either turn away from the NBA altogether, or root for another team.  In any circumstance, these “non-superteams” fanbases will be less active, which is bad for franchises anyways.  Superteams put more strain on regional fanbases.

There are other things that I could say about superteams, but I do not feel like it.  I am not a fan of them, and I believe it will hurt the NBA in the long-run.  But what do you think Sports Reaction Nation?  Comment below on whether you think Superteams have benefited or hurt the NBA.  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.


  • Great perspective, especially #2. As a Wizards fan, I can’t stand hearing about The Warriors. And ever since I’ve moved to California in 2014, I’ve been seeing Steph f@$*ing Curry jerseys everywhere!

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  • Nice write up. The only thing and i stand by this, when has the NBA not had a superteam? Simply look at all the HOF famers who played on the Lakers and Celtics. Im not even talking about the 80’s ones. Look at the past generations. I know one thing let the team i root for ever become a super team, no complaints out of me.



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