With Rodgers Out, Who is going to win the NFC North?

Well, Aaron Rodgers is out with a broken collarbone.  Many believe that the Packers have no chance of winning the NFC North without their guy.  If that is the case, where do the other teams stand in winning the division?

The easiest way to look at the division is to look at the situation that each of the teams in the division.  Teams

Chicago Bears

The Bears are 2-4, which might sound like a bad record.  However, considering that the Bears are seen as one of the worst teams in the league by the sports media, this record is not too bad.  The Bears beat the Steelers, and the Ravens, which most people did not predict that they would beat.  The Bears have Jordan Howard, which has been giving the Bears offense its only consistency.  The quarterback troubles, and chaos will hold the Bears back a little, and they do not have legitimate options in the receiving side of things.  The Bears have won games that they were not expected to win, and they will win more as the season goes.  However, they would be lucky to reach 8-8, much less winning the division.

Chance of Winning Division: 5%

Green Bay Packers

This is the team that is supposed to win the division, and be a legitimate contender for the Super Bowl.  However, the Packers have to have Aaron Rodgers on the field to be considered that Super Bowl Contender.  Now the mission for the Packers is if they can win the division, or at least, make it to the playoffs.  Aaron Rodgers is most likely going to be out for the year, so it is all up to Brett Hundley to lead an offense that is designed to have a more dominate passing game than its rushing counterparts.  The Packers have designed their offense in a way, that makes it a Pro Bowl quarterbacks dream, while difficult for a QB that is not as confident on the throw, and does not have a rushing game to lean on.  The Packers have a chance, if Hundley can play better, and at least decent.  But there chances lie less than 20%, but higher than 10%.

Chance of Winning Division: 18%

Detroit Lions

If Rodgers had gotten injured two weeks ago, and I was going to predict who would win.  I would have said that the Lions were definitely the favorites.  However, the Lions have suffered losses to both the Panthers, and Saints these past two weeks.  The Lions are sitting at 3-3, and what looked like an amazing team at the start, is beginning to evolve into the Lions team that most of us think of.  Do not get me wrong, the Lions are prime candidates to win the division, and have a good chance.  If anyone said that they felt that they would win, I would not argue with them that much.  The Lions may not have the best running backs, wide receivers, or defense.  But they always give themselves a chance to win games at the end.  Stafford is known for his “late-game-comebacks-that-shocks-everyone”, and the Lions beat the Vikings already, so they already have a leg up in a tie-breaker against the Vikings.  Lions have over a 1/3 of a chance to win the division, which is good, considering that there are 4 teams.

Chance of Winning Division: 35%

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings have been plagued with injuries on offense this year.  They lost Dalvin Cook, and Sam Bradford has been dealing with his own injuries.  The Vikings last year, was a very good team, at the beginning.  However, they did not finish well at all, and missed the playoffs.  The Vikings have a strong defense.  In the first 6 weeks of the season, so far, the Vikings have allowed only 1 team to score over 20 points.  And that was the Steelers, at Heinz Field.  Overall, the Vikings have giving up, on average a score of 17 points, and in the last 3 games, they have allowed scores of 14, 17, 10.  This defense may not have the big names that the Seahawks have, but they achieve the number 1 goal of any defensive unit, which is keep teams out of the end zone.  The offense may not be the best, but it can usually score enough, and will only get better when Sam Bradford is fully healthy.  The Vikings have a great defense, a decent offense, a record of 4-2, and are 2-1 in the division already.  The Vikings have over a 40% chance of winning, making them the most likely to come out on top.

Chance of Winning Division: 42%

As I see it right now, this division is coming between the Lions, and the Vikings.  There is a slim chance that the Packers sneak in, and an even slimmer chance that the Bears do.  But what do you think, Sports Reaction Nation?  Who do you predict will win the NFC North?  Put your predictions and/or comments below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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