Colin Kaepernick Has Given Up Playing in the NFL

So, yeah…Talking about Kaepernick is not in my top ten favorite things to talk about…It is not even in my top 100 things to talk about.  Colin Kaepernick is a touchy issue for a lot of people, so lets jump into the latest Kaepernick controversy.

What Happened

Here we go…Last year, Kaep kneeled (I will be calling him Kaep, because it is shorter, and easier to write) during the anthem.  This was before everyone else was doing it.  This angered a lot of people, but Kaep still played, although he was benched a little.  After the season, Kaep decided to decline his option, and went into free agency.  Well, he is still in free agency, because no one would sign him.  If you want to know some of the reasons why Kaep was/is not signed, look at these previous articles here, and here.  The big sports media has blown up about this, calling it an “outrage that the owners won’t sign Kaep, and that they are all racists, bigots, pigs, and Nazi’s” (not a word specific quote).  Well, now more players are kneeling, the ratings for the NFL has fallen over 10%, fans are angry, and the owners are trying to fix the problem.  However, Kaep is still in free agency.

Newest Controversy

The newest controversy in this whole situation of muck, and chaos starts with Marcus Mariota.  He got injured.  Now the Titans needed a new quarterback, so they looked at a few available ones…But not Kaep.  Kaep, I guess, had the last straw, and now has filed a Collusion case against the NFL, saying that the NFL owners have been in a “secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others”,  (Yes, I did copy the definition of collusion).   The “Others” in this definition is Kaep, and that is what Kaep is trying to prove.

Will Kaep Win?

This is the golden question.  Some would say that it is obvious because, hello, he has been ignored by teams.  However, that is not a case of collusion.  Collusion would be if there was evidence that two or more NFL owners had communicated with each other directly about Kaep, and cooperated together to try to block Kaep from being on a team.  The problem for Kaep is that he HAS to find evidence, like texts, emails, etc.  That prove that NFL owners had done this.  Without any of this vital evidence, even if it may, or may not look obvious that the owners are colluding, it does not matter.  The law system needs specific evidence, not a theory, to give Kaep the win.  I find it hard to believe, unless something comes up, to see Kaep finding this evidence.

Kaep Career is Over

I said in the title that Kaepernick gave up on the NFL.  What do I mean by that?  When Kaep decided to file a case against the NFL, he has now GIVEN UP on the NFL.  Let me explain.

Whether Kaep wins or loses his court case, the result does not matter.  He will never play in an NFL jersey again.  Except when he is wearing his jersey, and playing backyard football with his friends.  Either way, NFL teams will not be giving Kaep a contract.  Do you think any owner in there RIGHT MIND (which is up to debate if they are or not) would sign a player who has tried to sue them for not signing them?  Plus all of the disadvantages/changes that would have to be made (which I mention in my “Solving Kaep” Series) makes it even LESS of a possibility that Kaep gets a contract.  And Kaep has got to know this.  By suing the NFL, he has giving up any likelihood of being signed.  If he thought that NFL Owners hated him before, suing them only makes them hate him more.  Kaep is hoping to squeeze some money that could hold him over for his early “Premature” retirement.  It will be a national topic, but it is doubtful that he will succeed in winning.

Well, hopefully you do not hate my guts (If anything, hate my liver).  What do you think, Sports Reaction Nation?  Do you think Colin Kaepernick will ever play again?  Put your answers in the comments below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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