Predicting Every NFL Division Winner

Almost half way through the NFL Season, and the divisions are close throughout the entire NFL.  Will the Eagles win their division?  Are the Falcons going to lose their Division Title?

Before I begin with my predictions, I want the Sports Reaction Nation to be ready for Hallo-week.  The week up to Halloween will be a little…Ɖi£fεreƞt.  Lets just say, I feel it may be a little more mysterious from the 25th to the 31st.  By the way, I have a new guy who will write soon, I hope you like his stuff.  I do not know mυch about HïɱAnyways lets get to the predictions.

AFC East

Easy.  The New England Patriots.  They just beat the Falcons, handedly.  Tom Brady has been playing at a high level, and the only other strong competition in that division is the Bills.  New England is not the team that everyone was expecting, but they are definitely good enough to win this division.

NFC East

I will pick the Eagles.  Now, after the win that the Cowboys had, a lot of people will start saying that they will win it.  However, The Eagles have a good lead in the division, are 2-0 in the division, 4-0 in conference.  So, for the time being, the Eagles are in a good position.  Plus, the Redskins are not the same as past years on offense, the Giants are not good, and Cowboys have Zeke problems to deal with.

AFC North

Steelers, of course.  No one is that division is going to be that close to winning it.  The Ravens have fallen apart, the Browns are the Browns, and the Bengals just lost to the Steelers.  The Steelers have had their own problems to deal with this season, but that will not hold them back from winning the AFC North.

NFC North

Green Bay, all the way!!!  Wait, what?  Aaron Rodgers is injured?  Well, that makes things complicated.  Here is an article I wrote, specifically on who I think has the best chance of winning the NFC North.

AFC South

This division comes between the Titans, Texans, and the Jaguars.  Most people would choose the Texans.  However, I think the Jaguars will finally come on top, and win the division.  The Jaguars have the second best net point margin in the NFL, have scored the most points in the AFC South, and allowed the least amount of points in the division (3rd in NFL).  The Jaguars are known for blowing it, but I think they are the best team in this division.

NFC South

I am going bold, and I am picking the New Orleans Saints.  Now you might be thinking, “What?  Not the Falcons?”.  And yes, I know the Falcons are overwhelming favorites, but the Saints have an offense that has scored more than any other team in the division.  The defense has been fair, and the Saints are the only team in the NFC South with a Net Point margin that is POSITIVE.  All of the other teams have negative point margins, except the Saints.  It might be bold, but put down my prediction as the Saints.

AFC West

I am a Chiefs fan, and will pick my team.  The Chiefs have lost two games in a row (Heartbreaking), but they still are a couple games up on everyone in the division.  They are the most complete team on offense, and can score points.  It will be a closer match to see who wins, but for right now, go with the Chiefs.

NFC West

I really want to pick the Rams, but I cannot.  The Seahawks may not be good, or great, but they can win their division.  They have the upper hand in tiebreakers so far, and I see it getting tougher for the Rams, as teams know what they need to prepare for.  Seahawks will squeeze out another division title.

Well, there you have it, Sports Reaction Nation.  What do you think?  Put your predictions below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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