Bad’ju Dgment Calls: World Series Bold Predictions

The World Series has already started, and I am a little late starting my bold predictions.  However, that does not matter.  Lets shock the world, and see if any of my absurd predictions my come true in the World Series.

Welcome, Sports Reaction Nation!  This is Bad’ju.  Bad’ju Dgment.  I consider myself a master of the prediction arts.  It is all in my name…Look deeply at my name, that just proves how well my predictions will go.  Here we go, World Series Bold Predictions (After the first game of the World Series).

Dodgers will Sweep the Astros

I am taking this from the first game.  Dodgers won, so why can they not win the next three?  They are favorites to win, so they might as well just finish the World Series as soon as possible so we can get ready for the next season, and eat some nachos.

Rich Hill will outperform Verlander in ERA, Strikeouts, and WHIP in Game 2

Verlander is getting pretty old, so the further the year goes, the harder it will be for him.  The Dodgers will want to get to 2-0, and they have to go through Verlander.  Rich Hill is not a big name guy, but maybe he will be after game 2?  Who knows.  Verlander is over the hill, but Hill will be over Verlander in game 2.  Maybe.

No more than a combined 5 runs will be scored in each game of the World Series

People like high scoring games, but this World Series could be a slug out.  Yes, is it absurd to think that neither teams put together will score more than 5 runs?  Sure, but this is bold predictions by me, Bad’ju Dgment, so get used to it.

This World Series will be the highest viewed World Series of All Time

This one has a tiny bit of logic behind it.  Not a bunch, but a little.  The Dodgers are a big team, so a lot of people from California will be watching.  Most sports fans are mad at the NFL, so instead of watching the NFL, they will switch over to the World Series.

There are your absurd Bad’ju Dgment bold predictions.  Do you think any will come true?  Most likely not, which makes them BOLD predictions.  They are not just predictions after all.  I will see you next time, Sports Reaction Nation!

Editors Note:  Bad’ju Dgment may or may not be made up for entertainment purposes.




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