Last Minute NFL Trades that Should Happen

We are closing in on the half-way point through the NFL season.  By now, we have an idea which teams have a fighting chance, and which teams probably should bail.  Here are some trades that should happen (or at least would be very interesting to see).

49ers send Carlos Hyde to Seahawks

Sorry to break the news to any avid 49er’s fans, but the 49ers will not make the playoffs this year.  They are 0-7, and would have to win all of their remaining games, plus have weak play by all the other teams in the conference, to even think about a wildcard spot.  Carlos Hyde has been good this year.  Best in the league?  Maybe not, but at least he can hold down the position well.  Shanahan will probably want a different style of running back anyways, and with Hyde’s contract ending at the end of this season, he should be traded.

The Seahawks could use a running back like Hyde.  The Seahawks have not had a good running game since beast mode left, and getting Hyde would boost that offense a lot.  The team sits at 4-2, and I in the running for the playoffs, but they will most likely falter, unless they can get some sort of running attack (hence, the trade for Hyde).

Giants Trade Janoris Jenkins to Eagles

The Giants also have a lost season.  The offense has been bad, really bad.  The team has one once, but that is it.  Janoris Jenkins has been a solid CB for the Giants.  He has never been considered “Elite”, but he is definitely good.  Jenkins is 28, and has only a few good years left before he starts going over the hill, and on the couch.

The Eagles have been good.  Showing off the best record in the entire league, many would think that the Eagles should stay the way they are right now.  However, the Eagles still have a weak secondary, and have been saved by their front 7 many times.  This started when their best corner got injured at the beginning of the season.  Adding Jenkins would give the Eagles the last piece to give them a great defense, and make them the overwhelming favorites for the Super Bowl.

Giants Trade Eli Manning to Jaguars

I had to add this one.  You have probably seen it floating around, and you can float too! (Sorry, had to add that in)  The Giants, like above, are bad.  Eli could benefit with a new team, yet a team that would seem very familiar.

The Jaguars have Bortles, and many are ready to call him a bust.  Call me a Bortles lover, (notice me Blake) but I think that Bortles is not as bad as people make him out to be.  However, the reconnection of Eli, and Tom Couglin trumps any loyalty I have for Bortles.  I do not know if Eli would be better, but just the headlines would be worth the trade.

Cardinals Trade Larry Fitzgerald to Chiefs

The Cardinals are not going anywhere this year, since Palmer is out.  Now I know Fitz is the man in Card’s kingdom.  But I feel that Fitz should be on a team that has a shot at a Super Bowl before he retires.

Now, lets look at the Chiefs side of things.  You may wonder why I would want the Chiefs to get a receiver, when they already have Hill, Kelce, and Hunt on the ground?  The reason Fitz should go to the Chiefs is because they already have Hill, Kelce, and Hunt.  This offense (which is already dynamic) would be unstoppable with Fitzgerald.  Who is a team going to cover?  Hill, Fitz, Kelce, and Hunt?  Impossible to stop all of them, and most likely at least two of them will breakout.  With Smith playing so well, should the Chiefs trade Mahomes for Fitz?  Interesting thought.

Now, for the Bad’ju Dgment wannabe trade, with Bad’ju

Green Bay Packers Trade their Bitterness for Brett Favre

This is Bad’ju, Sports Reaction Nation.  Aaron Rodgers is most likely out for the year, so what should the Packers do?  Convince Favre to unretired, and come back to the Packers for the remainder of the season.  Favre may be in his mid-40’s, and haven’t played a snap for over a half-a-decade, but he is definitely better than Hundley.  Favre is probably better than 4 or 5 starting quarterbacks in the league right now, so Green Bay should definitely do this.

Okay, now back to Bassett.

So, there are some trades that should, or need to happen before the 31st trade deadline.  But can you think of any other trades that should happen?  Put your amazing trade ideas in the comments below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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