Trick-or-Treat: Which Teams are Legit Super Bowl Contenders?

Happy Halloween.  I hope you do not get sick from eating too much candy, or from overdoing the mascara to make yourself look just like Dracula.  Well, if you are not going to get tricked by the 8 year olds that are dressed up on the sidewalks, how about NFL Teams pretending to be Super Bowl Contenders.


AFC teams that are actually Super Bowl Contenders, and have a legitimate shot of winning the AFC Championship, and are not tricking you otherwise.

Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs are now 6-2, and have a clear advantage in winning their division.  Alex Smith has never played so good.  Kelce keeps proving he is the best Tight End in the league, Hill is still fast, Hunt can get it done (most of the time), and the defense just had a hayday against the Broncos.  It may actually be time for Kansas City to make it to the big game, finally.

New England Patriots

I have not been impressed with the Patriots at all.  They are always keeping games close, and it almost always comes down to the final minutes of the game (like Texans, Chargers, and Jets).  However, when January comes, this team knows how to win.  Any team with Brady, and Belichick are going to be Super Bowl Contenders.


NFC teams that are actually Super Bowl Contenders, and have a legitimate shot of winning the NFC Championship, and are not tricking you otherwise.

Philadelphia Eagles

If you asked 2 months ago who people thought would have the best record through 8 games, I doubt anyone says the Eagles.  The Eagles, at 7-1, have looked REALLY good, with their only loss coming against the Chiefs.  Wentz looks great, and the front 7 is standing strong.  Plus, they just traded for Jay Ajayi, which will only boost this team’s offense.

New Orleans Saints

This one may shock people.  Really, the Saints?!?  However, I just look at this last game.  The Saints won without Brees throwing a TD, (Hadn’t happened since 2009).  To some, that may seem like a bad thing, but for a team that has always been dependant on the arm of Drew Brees, I see this as a step in the right direction.  Plus, Ingram has the ability to beat teams rushing, sometimes.  Which is something the Saints have not really had before.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks just put up a 40-burger against the Texans, and it looks like their offense is back on track.  The Seahawks defense is experienced enough to stop most teams, and if the offense continues like it did in their last game, this team has a legitimate shot.  Plus, the Seahawks have, pretty much, the most Experience in the postseason, when it comes to the NFC.


These teams may look good, but they are tricking you into believing that they are legit Super Bowl Contenders.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers are looking good at 6-2, but my one question is this…How much better are they than last year?  Because I do not see them beating the Patriots at all, and I think that Kansas City will be better if they had another matchup.  The Steelers are the Steelers, nothing much has really changed from last year.

Houston Texans

Everyone is hyped for the Texans…Let me rephrase that, everyone is hyped for Deshaun Watson.  Everyone loves this guy.  Everyone is talking about his stats, except his INT stat line…Hmm, interesting.  Anyways, this team as a whole is not the greatest, and are fighting just for a playoff spot, much less a Super Bowl.  Maybe in a year or two.

Buffalo Bills

Now the Bills are something, aren’t they?  To be totally honest, I like the Bills, and would love to see them in the playoffs.  However, this team still does not have the pedigree, nor the diverseness to win much come January.  LeSean McCoy has been great, and Tyrod has been doing pretty well, as is the defense.  However, they have only beat 1 TEAM that has a winning record at the moment.  So until they have real competition going against them, I do not see them going far.


Here are teams that look good, but are tricking you into thinking they are Super Bowl Contenders.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams have been hot, and I think I speak for everyone, that the Rams are probably one of the biggest surprises all year.  People thought that they would win 5 games, if lucky.  Well, they have won 5, but they have done it in 7 games.  They have been good, but they also are very inconsistent.  They have a young offense that will have to go against experienced defenses this postseason.  No one is, or should, take the Rams as a legitimate contender.

Minnesota Vikings

This might make some people mad, but I do not see the Vikings as a Super Bowl Contender.  I think they will win the NFC North, and go to the playoffs.  However, I do not see them beating any of the teams that I have in the “Treats” category.  They lost Dalvin Cook, and sometimes their wide outs are on fire, and sometimes they are not.  Plus, Sam Bradford, a super bowl quarterback? Not really seeing it.

Well, there are some tricks or treats, Sports Reaction Nation.   Who do you think will win the Super Bowl this year?  Put your answers in the comments below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.  Don’t Hate me, hate Bad’ju if you have to hate someone.

Photo Source×401/local/-/media/2017/10/29/USATODAY/USATODAY/636449092408384985-USP-NFL-HOUSTON-TEXANS-AT-SEATTLE-SEAHAWKS-94955123.JPG







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