Teddy Bridgewater is Back, But should Case Keenum Remain as the Starter?

Everyone is super hyped about Teddy Bridgewater being back.  The big sports media is pumping out stories, and singing his praises.  Lots of people are excited, but is this really good for the Vikings?

First things First…

Bridgewater has been out since he got injured in that practice before the 2016 season.  Remember that?  Yeah, a lot of people were upset, and said that he might never play again.  Well here he is, back and active on the Vikings roster.  He will not play this week, and maybe not even the week after, but he will be playing this season, it looks like.

Bridgewater is better than Case Keenum…Right?

Sam Bradford is on the injury reserve, so I am not going to compare Bridgewater to him (it would be pointless).  However, I do not mind comparing him to Keenum.

I went into looking at the stats of these two quarterbacks with my own expectations (which should have been most people’s expectations).  I expected Bridgewater to have better statistics backing him up, then the obviously inferior Keenum.  Right?

Well, it is actually closer than most think.  I will just say that I am looking only at Keenum’s numbers from this year.

Case Keenum:  7 games, 1,610 Passing Yards, 63.9%, 7 Touchdowns, 3 INT, 0 Fumbles

Teddy Bridgewater (’15): 16 games, 3,231 Pass Yards, 65.3%, 14 TDs, 9 INT, 3 Fumbles Lost

If you look at the numbers, you will see…

  • Keenum has better Passing YPG than Teddy
  • Keenum averages 1 TD per game, while Teddy is below 1 per game
  • Keenum has less turnovers than Teddy (in INT’s and Fumbles)
  • Teddy has a better Completion percentage, by 1.4%

Now, Teddy is more mobile than Keenum, and their Ratings (Teddy’s ’15 year, and Keenum’s ’17 Season) are almost identical (88.8, and 88.7, respectively).  So if you look at their performance’s, Keenum would be considered the better option, at least so far this year.

However, this is not to say that the Viking’s should not have Teddy Bridgewater as their QB.  They should absolutely use Bridgewater, and treat him as their starter.  However, with Bridgewater having not played since December of 2015, the Vikings should not be in a hurry to rush good ol’ Teddy onto the field.  The last we have seen of Bridgewater was not any better than what they have seen Keenum been doing so far.  Plus, Teddy probably will need time to get used to it all, once again.  Give Teddy time, let him get comfortable with the team, and game plan, and make sure he is healthy before he starts again.  The team is winning, so the Vikings should not be in a rush.

Now, if the Vikings start losing, Keenum starts dropping to his “Normal Keenum”, or if Teddy is absolutely ready.  Then the Vikings can put Teddy Bridgewater under center.  The Vikings cannot afford something bad to happen to Bridgewater again.

I know this is a different opinion then most folks on Teddy Bridgewater, so if you disagree, I understand.  Put down your opinions in the comments below, Sports Reaction Nation.  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

Photo Source http://www.ngngsports.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/teddy-bridgewater-injury-1-1024×576.jpg


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