Uh, Oh! Are the Seattle Seahawks Hopes Destroyed?

Oh, the joys of Thursday Night Football.  The fans love it, the coaches love it, and nobody loves TNF more than the players, right?  The Seahawks may not find my sarcasm very funny, because they just got multiple injuries, which may (or may not) mean that the Seahawks are doomed.

Are the Seahawks doomed or can they recover?

Multiple Injuries On the Seahawks

This last game was about as unlucky as the Seahawks could get.  I guess Russell Wilson did not get injured, so it could have been worse.  However, if you have not heard, here are some of the injuries that the Seahawks had Thursday Night.

  • Duane Brown, Left Tackle.

The Seahawks had just traded for All-pro Tackle Brown, and then he gets a sprained ankle.  He did not return in the game after getting the injury, so it would suggest that it may be a bad sprain.  However, if nothing surprising happens, he should return after a few weeks or maybe sooner.

  • Sheldon Richardson, Defense Lineman.

Richardson is another player that the Seahawks traded for this year.  Richardson is another big name.  He got injured while running into another player.  The seriousness of his injury is not really known, but in any case, this does not help Richardson.

  • Jarran Reed, Defensive Tackle.

Reed may not be a big name like the others, but he has had some bright moments this season.  He had a hamstring injury.

Now the biggest, and worst injury for the Seahawks is…

  • Richard Sherman, Cornerback.

Sherman, the player who most people say is the best cornerback in the ENTIRE NFL, injured his Achilles.  Sherman is out for the year!!!  This is the worst possible injury the Seahawks could have had on defense.  Without Sherman, the entire defense has to shift a little bit.  The defensive backs have to shift around a little more, and the Seahawks suddenly look a little more vulnerable in the secondary (although, they still are good at safety).  Teams will start picking on the secondary a little more, and the Seahawks may have to drop more in coverage if it becomes too bad.

What is the Outlook of the remaining games for the Seahawks

The Seahawks have to play:

Falcons, 49ers, Eagles, Jaguars, Rams, Cowboys, and Cardinals .

So of those games should be easy wins, like the 49ers.  They should beat the Cardinals too, although it is tough to say with it being so long away.  However, the Falcons, Eagles, Jags, Rams, and Cowboys are difficult.  Lets walk through those games.


The Falcons are not as good as many expected, but they still are viable competition for the Seahawks.  The matchup is not great for the Seahawks.  Why?  Well, Julio Jones is the biggest problem.  Without Sherman, Jones will be going against the No. 2 (now number 1) Seahawks Corner, best case scenario.  Worst case scenario, Jones goes against the No. 3 (Now no. 2) Corner.  And add in Devonta Freeman, and Tevin Coleman, and the defense may have its hands full (never thought I would say that about the Seahawks).

Outlook:  Closer than it should be. I think Seahawks will barely win, but I would not be surprised if Falcons won.


The Eagles, whom most say is the best team in the NFL, at least the NFC.  Wentz is playing at a MVP level, the receiving core has been doing well.  And with the addition of Jay Ajayi, this team will only get better of offense.  The Seahawks secondary may not be the strongest, but their front 7 makes up for a lot of it.  The front 7 is very strong, and will stop the weak run of the Seahawks, and force the Seahawks to through under pressure.

Outlook:  Eagles should win easily, and Seahawks should be overwhelmed, and suffer a loss.


The Jaguars defense looks superior to the Seahawks, which I never thought I would say in the current century.  The Jaguars defense has over powered most offenses, and it should not be any different with the Seahawks.  Especially if Duane Brown is not in this game.  The Jaguars may not be able to take advantage of the missing Sherman however.

Outlook: I think the Jaguars should win, but again, the Jaguars have a history of losing games that they should win, so this one is up in the air.


The Rams are the main competition for the Seahawks in the NFC West.  The Rams have been better than anyone expected.  This is closer to the end of the season, I think that this game will have a big say on who wins the division.  This game may be the hardest to say who wins.

Outlook:  The Rams lost to the Seahawks by only 6 points.  Without Sherman, the Rams should be able to get even closer to winning.  However, this game is at CenturyLink Field.


If Ezekiel Elliot does not use his new found Superpower of getting out of his suspension, then this should be Zeke ‘s first game back from suspension.  If that is the case, we know how good the Cowboys can, or can not be with Zeke.  The Cowboys have a good O-line, which should give Dak enough time to pick apart the Seahawks Corners with Dez Bryant in the receiving game.

Outlook:  The Cowboys should win this game, which is in Dallas by the way.  With Zeke on schedule to be back, and with the Seahawks injuries, the Seahawks are the underdogs in this matchup.


Overall, the Seahawks are not in a good position.  Without Sherman, and potentially other players, the Seahawks are fighting to just win the division, much less the Super Bowl.  Do not expect a championship by the Seahawks anytime soon.  But what do you think, Sports Reaction Nation?  Comment your projections of the Seahawks, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

Photo Source http://www.bostonherald.com/sites/default/files/styles/gallery/public/media/ap/2017/11/10/1663c785170745d5ae0b74fbd462b7b6.jpg?itok=J3ENPT6J



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