Interesting Facts about Veterans Day

Veterans Day is often overlooked by many when considering their favorite holidays.  However, that does not mean it is not important.  It may not have all the décor, or music.  But it is a day for us to be grateful for what the Military has done.  Here are some interesting facts about this holiday.

Why is Veterans Day Celebrated on November 11th?

Veterans Day, which is today (or November 11th) marks the end of World War I.   It was originally known as “Armistice Day”, which is still celebrated around the world.  Woodrow Wilson released a message to the people of the United States, and if you have not read it, look up the Wiki on Veterans Day, and it will be there.

When did Veterans Day (Armistice Day) Start?

Well, some would say it started at the end of World War I.  However, it really did not get considered as a holiday until congress pushed Coolidge in 1926 to give annual proclamations to do observances/ceremonies in remembrance.  However, it has not until 1938 that a official bill stated that November 11th would be an official holiday.  However, it was called “Armistice Day”, because of World War I.  After World War II, however, Armistice Day was changed to include all Veterans, not just those who died in WWI.  That is when it was changed to Veterans Day.

Congress Changed the Day Veterans Day was Celebrated on for several Years

According to an act passed by congress in 1971, Veterans Day was moved to the 4th Monday of October.  It was not until 1978 that Veterans day was moved back to November 11th.

The Marines Take additional time off for Veterans Day

Now, this is not because the Marines just decided to take more time off, there is actually a reason behind it.  November 10th is the day that the United States Marines were founded.  Since the two holidays are so close in date, the Marines get to have a 96-Hour Liberty to observe both holidays.  So if you are part of the Marines, you can brag about that in front of your Navy Friends.  Haha, just joking.  Marines do not have Navy Friends.

Well, there are some interesting facts about Veterans Day, Sports Reaction Nation.  Some of which, I did not even know.  Have a great Veterans Day, and do not forget what the Military has done for this Great Nation.  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

God Bless the U.S.A!!!

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