Is Greg Olsen Calling the Vikings Game Acceptable?

We have not heard about Olsen for awhile, since he got injured earlier this year. However, Olsen flooded the headlines when the Vikings complained that Olsen would be in the booth at the Vikings game on November 19th.

If you do not know the situation very well, here is a quick review of the whole drama happening, Sports Reaction Nation.

The Situation

So Greg Olsen is currently on the Carolina Panthers Injured Reserve, after getting a foot injury earlier this season.  The Panthers are having their bye week currently, and Greg Olsen has no obligations to go to any meetings or workouts this week.  So, FOX decided to have the available Greg Olsen to be part of the broadcasting team for the Vikings vs. Rams game Sunday.

Then drama started on Tuesday, when the Vikings General Manager told that he had relayed concerns to the NFL, and FOX about having Olsen broadcasting their game.  This exploded on to the sports media scene, creating discussion about he ethics, and concerns on having a current NFL player calling a game.  And as you can expect, many people were not for Olsen calling the game.

Here are some of the arguments on both sides.

Arguments AGAINST Greg Olsen calling the Game:

This is by far (out of what I have seen, and heard) the most popular opinion.  And it is easy to agree with this opinion.  It is easy, simple, and you do not have to get into the details of the situation.  Here are some of this position’s arguments:

  • Greg Olsen could be exposed to information about the Vikings, which normal players do not have.  This could be seen as unethical.  FOX is almost helping Greg Olsen by allowing him to be with the broadcasting team, which could be seen as biased, and unfair.
  • The Panthers will be playing against the Vikings on December 12th.  Greg Olsen could (and probably will) be active by then.  Olsen can be activated as soon as next week.  So this sort of compliments the above reason.  Plus, both teams are in the NFC, and look playoff bound, so there is always that possibility too.

And actually, that is all the arguments for Olsen not calling the game.  Olsen could garner extra information that other players do not have access to, and has the possibility of playing the Vikings in December, and maybe January too.

Arguments DEFENDING Greg Olsen calling the Game:

  • Active players have called games in the past (Matt Hasselback in 2014, and Marcus Allen in 1994).  So this is nothing new.  (However, both Hasselback, and Allen did not play the teams that they were calling in the same season).
  • The League spokesperson said that they do not see a problem with Olsen being on the broadcasting team.
  • Greg Olsen is not going to the practices, production meetings, coach/player interviews, or any team meetings.  In short, Olsen is very limited to any pre-game exposure.
  • Olsen made a good point when addressing the issue, saying that nothing he see’s a “Million miles in the sky” is different then what he would see in game film when preparing for the Vikings game in December.

So, the main point of these arguments is that Olsen is not getting any extra insight, and FOX is limiting his access to any information that would be deemed “Unethical”.

So, what is my Opinion?

Well, I have gone back, and forth on this issue.  But, after doing some researching on this situation, I would fall more on the side that is Defending Greg Olsen.  Since FOX is being careful with what Olsen gets to see, and receive, I do not have that much of a problem with Olsen being on the Broadcasting team.  Plus, I would almost guarantee that the Panthers will go much deeper, and find out more information about the Vikings come December, then FOX probably will this week.  Teams do extensive research, and studying of opponents, and most of what FOX would find out will not be that much of an advantage, giving the limitations put on Greg Olsen.

Now, I do not think the Vikings are in the wrong.  Having a player from a team that you will be playing against in December (and that will probably be important) broadcasting your game should create doubt.  I am more shocked that FOX decided to pick Olsen, who is vulnerable to that sort of criticism, to be the one to join their broadcasting team.

But what do you think, Sports Reaction Nation?  Comment your opinions below, and hit the like button if you, well, liked this article.  If you want to join the amazing nation of sports fans, click the follow button, or sign up with your email.  Remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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