Going Down in Flames:  Why the Chiefs have Plummeted

This is an article that hits close to home…I live near Kansas City, and have always been a Kansas City fan, including the Chiefs.  The Chiefs started off so well…And for the first time since EVER, people were actually talking about the Chiefs as a Superbowl contender.  But then, like in old Chiefs fashion, the Chiefs crashed quicker than they were hyped.  The Chiefs started off 5-0, but 7 weeks since then, the Chiefs are 6-5, and only have a one game lead in the AFC West.  Losing to the Raiders, Giants, and Bills.  What happened to the Chiefs, and will they get back to their early form?

No Eric Berry

Yeah, I know Berry was injured in the first game, but missing the all-pro Safety definetly has its affects.  The secondary is fairly young, and needs a veteran’s guidance on the field.  Missing that has been a big hole, and the secondary has just gotten more, and more chaotic, and disorganized.  Plus, just having a player with Berry’s talent and passion is enough to leave a gapping hole.  Last season, you could credit at least two wins due to Berry’s performance.

 Lack of Pass Rush

The Chiefs have a boasted about pass rushers.  Justin Houston, arguably the best pass rusher in the league, and Dee Ford, who when healthy, is pretty good at Pass rushing too.  Add in defensive lineman Chris Jones, and you have a formula to wreck havoc on opposing teams quarterbacks.  The problem?  Bob Sutton, the defensive coordinator of the Chiefs, likes to rush 3 or 4 guys….ALL THR TIME!  Of course he blitzes sometimes, but he is in the bottom side of the league when it comes to that.  I don’t think Bob Sutton understands that when you have a weak deep pass defense, it helps to put pressure on the quarterback, which will make him more in accurate, and the QB will have to throw quicker to avoid a sack.  Start blitzing, Sutton.

Alex Smith Slump

Now for everyone’s information, I am a Alex Smith fan.  I feel that he is not given enough credit, and is one of the most underrated quarterbacks in the league.  However, it is easy to see that the last few games have been lackluster.  Now, during some of these losses, he has performed, like the Raiders.  But the last few weeks have been pretty bad for Smith.  He has been more inaccurate, and just does not have the same confidence that he had in the first month of the season. 

Kareem Hunt Slow Down

This is what I think is the biggest reason for their losses.  Hunt has been horrendous for the last 5 weeks.  He has not had a touchdown since week 3!  You may be good at getting yards, but at some point you have to score if you want to have any success.  Plus, Hunt latest game against the Bills was the worst ever…11 carries for 17 yards.  He barely got over 1.5 yards per carry!  If you are wondering why the Chiefs are losing, Hunt is probably the main reason.  Hunt will get the ball on first down, and maybe get a yard…On 2nd and 9, you have to probably throw the ball, and then you have to start throwing the ball.  If a defense knows what type of play you are doing, it will give them a leg up.  And it is mainly due to Hunt.

Dumb Trick Plays

This is self explanatory…When you are driving down the field, and need to score…And it is crazy windy outside, don’t have your Tight End throw a deep pass.  Just saying, it’ll almost always end up in an INT.

Well, know I am depressed.  As I shed a few tears as I write these last words, what do you think is the Chiefs problem?  Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF. 

As I stand teary-eyed as the Chiefs are plummeting, you could join the greatest nation of fans.  The Sports Reaction Nation.  Click the follow button, and hit the like button, and thanks for everything you do.


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