NBA War on Referees? Quick Analysis on the NBA Referee Controversy

If you are a sports fan…Even a casual one, you have guaranteed-ly (I don‘t care that its bad grammar) felt the hatred build inside when a ref makes a bad call.  When you hear the whistle blow, or see a bright, yellow, and obvious looking flag on the ground, no one can deny the anxiety that one feels that a penalty, or foul might hurt their team.

In many professional sports leagues, there came a turning point with our “friends” in black, and white.  Players, owners and fans had enough, and the higher ups made changes.  In Major League Baseball, and the NFL, they both made changes with the referees.  Usually, these changes were met with having some superior “league-rules-experts/referees-who-are-located-at-some-far-distance-place”.

However, the NBA has been pretty steady on their referees, I mean, no HUMONGOUS changes.  That is, until now…

LeBron James Gets Ejected by Ref

Now, we all know that LeBron has a way in getting into some NBA drama, but this is a little different.  You see, up until this point, LeBron had not been ejected in the NBA…NOT ONCE!  (Am I the only one that did not realize that?)  Anyways, LeBron got a no-call, yelled at the Ref, and then BOOM!  Ejected!  Gone!  Kaput!  It was a pretty strange, and obviously extreme move by the referee.  Even the Referee mentioned that LeBron was ejected after 1 technical.  LeBron was not happy about it, and the news spread the airwaves, sports-waves, and hamburger grease-waves.

Kevin Durant gets Ejected by Ref

Then, a little while later, KD got ejected.  What?!?  And again, it was 1-technical ejection.  People were not happy, because Kevin Durant is known as that laid-back player.  That is not to say, though, that he was happy about it.  Of course, it hit the sports media hard again.  Kevin Durant thinks that it was unfair, and so does most people.  Others have been ejected also in the last few days, and people are confused on why.

Why are the referees seemingly more extreme, and strict as of the last few days.  Either they are just a couple of random occurrences, just the referees having a bad day, or it is an attempt by the referees or league to nip the complaining/whininess that players do when they do not get a call (or do get one).  Here are the outcomes that could happen in the future when it comes to the NBA war on Referees:

1. Nothing

I mean, honestly, this could pass over, and nothing will happen.  Is it likely?  Um, well yes, and no.  I think that it is more likely that something happens, but if the refs don’t really get themselves into negative media for a little while, this could pass over.

2. The League makes a few changes

This one is not that hard to believe.  I could see the NBA try to make the referees less independent.  However, it is not as easy as it is with other sports.  Maybe they will add more referees, enact more of a replay system (not sure how), and if that is the case, then maybe add in a headquarters for the referees to contact.  Maybe they will just loosen the rules, or make them a little more cut, and dry.  Who knows?

3. It becomes a war between the players vs. the referees, with the league in the middle

This one would probably mean that a few more controversial calls get made, and other players join in.  However, with how vocal athletes have been in the last few years, it would not be super surprising to see some of then get REALLY frustrated.  And if this happened, and the higher-ups in the league did not pounce on it immediately, it could become a big problem for them.

But hey, who truly knows in the wild sports world.  What do you think, Sports Reaction Nation?  Put your thoughts in the comments below, and if you are not a part of the great nation of sports fans, hit the follow button.  If you liked this article, hit the like button.  If you hated this article, well, there is not a Hate Button yet, but you could share it with all of your friends, and tell them how much you hate it.  Thanks, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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