A Big Thank You to the Sports Reaction Nation: 100 Followers!

Hey, Sports Reaction Nation.  If it was not obvious from the title, the Sports Reaction Nation just hit a 100 strong today.  This may not sound like a big number to some people, or bloggers, but it is important to me.  Sports Reaction broke away from the 2-digit numbers into the 3-digit numbers.  And we will probably be in the 3-digit numbers for awhile, but we have to start somewhere. 

Around a month ago, I was hoping that Sports Reaction would hit 100 before 2017 ended, or at least by mid January.  Less than a month ago, I had 73 followers, so hoping that 27 more would join the nation seemed a little ambitious, considering how small Sports Reaction was, (and still is).  However, I underestimated all of the great people, and sports fans out there.  I could not be happier. 

A lot of you, the SR Nation, have your own blogs, and want to bring your passion for the world to see, and enjoy with you.  However, anyone who blogs knows that it is not easy, and that it does become stressful, and hard at times.  I have been blogging for around 11 months…some of you have blogged longer than me, others shorter.  I have felt the depression, and disappointment that comes with posting an article that only gets two views…or even 0 views.  

I started blogging with nothing…nothing at all, except a premium wordpress package, and a $20 domain name.  For the first two months, I wrote multiple times a week, and was super enthusiastic.  However, as time went on, and as I wrote numerous articles, nothing was changing.  In my first 5 months, I had only gained 2 followers since when I had begun.  As you can imagine, I became disheartened, and easily discouraged from blogging.  For a couple months, I was lucky to write 3 times a month.  However, I started to get one more follower, then another, and suddenly my spirits were back up, and I was more enthusiastic than ever to continue writing.

You must realize, that I am not excited to see people follow me, because it means “more views”.  The reason this means so much to me is that people take a second out of their day to click on one of my posts, and actually clicked that littlw follow button, and that truly touches me deeply.  Everyone who decided that it was worth having my articles pop up in their feed, I am truly thankful, and am totally astounded why you choose Sports Reaction at all.  It will forever amaze me.

I know that in a year, a few months, or even a decade, nobody will probably know or care about this little post that wrote about Sports Reaction hitting a 100 followers.  But I will always remember this, SR Nation.  

I just want to say to any small fellow bloggers out there that feel depressed, and hopeless about blogging, that if I can hit a 100 followers, you can definetly have more success than me.  Keep trying, and never give up on your passion, and your dreams.  And remember, be the best sports fan (and human being) you can possibly be, and do WLYF.  

Thanks for 100 followers, SR Nation, and here is to the next 100!


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