Fantasy Football: Championship Week Tips

I cannot believe that it is week 16 in the NFL.  Now, I could talk about the Chiefs coming hot again, or the Vikings clinching their division, or the Rams gaining over the Seahawks.  But no!  I want to talk about Fantasy football.  Mainly, some advice that you (and even I) can learn going into the final game.

Now, this year, I competed in only two leagues.  If you don’t do any, or only have 1 league, then do not feel bad.  No need to get crazy with it.  If you have 3 or more leagues, well, you have got a problem…At the very least, you are more addicted to it than me, which makes me feel better about myself.  In both of my leagues, I got a first round bye, and am preparing for a championship myself.  Now, the following tips are just a few I have heard, and learned in my experience.  However, if you feel that these tips are pointless, and do not follow your own strategies, than feel free to follow your heart.  It is your fantasy team, after all.

Stream Defenses/Kickers if you need to

If you are in a standard league where you have a D/ST, and/or a Kicker, you have my meaningless permissions to pick up a better defense or kicker.  Now on one of my teams, I have the Jaguars, who are the best defense in the league.  Now do not be dumb, and not start a top defense.  Start them, even if an average defense is projected to get more points.

However, if you do not have a top 5 defense, or kicker, and someone in free agency has a better projection or matchup, then go right ahead.  A lot of times, owners forget about their kickers/Defenses, and keep the one that they have in, even if there is a better one available.  Every point matters, so do not forget these positions.

Stick with your stars

Some people (me included) have a habit of over thinking very simple things.  Like should I start my solid RB2, or should I put in a obscure RB with a good matchup?  Aaron Rodgers, or maybe I should start Matthew Stafford?  Sometimes, we do the most absurd things, when we think that we are being super smart.  Just stick with your main players, even if the matchup is not perfect.  Do you want to be the guy who loses in the championship because you benched one of your stars?  No, you do not want to be that guy.

Consistency is key (if you are the team with the advantage)

If you feel that your team should be able to win against the other team, and that you have an absolute advantage over the other guy, limit the risk.  Keep your stars in (like above), and if you are debating on who to fill the other positions, put in the guy who has consistently been having 8 point games over the guy who has a 14 point game one week, than a 2 point game the next week.  If you are already riding high, do not take unnecessary risks.

(If you are the Underdogs) Then maybe take a little risk, but do not go crazy

So if you were just hoping on getting into the Fantasy playoffs, and did not dream that you were ever going to the Finals, and somehow did…Well, congrats!  You outperformed even your own expectations, but more importantly, you may think about taking a “Tiny” bit of risk.  This only applies that you are projected way lower than the other team, and the other guy is almost unbeatable.  Maybe put in the guy that could only 6 points, but has a chance to get 16 points.  Do not go crazy, though.  Keep in your stars, and make sure you have some range of consistency with the players you put onto your lineup.  You never know, the other team may have a down week, and you will squeeze by, just because you were consistent in the Finals.

Have fun!

It there is no money involved, than do not get too stressed about it.  After all, it is just for fun.  Take it easy, have a sip of Tonic-water, and chew on some organic carrots, while reminiscing the past season.

However, if there is money involved, than do whatever you feel (In reason)!  After all, you did spend a bit of money, and energy trash-talking to everyone in the league.  Block out all the curse words that might come into your mind!  REMEMBER THE CHILDREN!  Be a good example!  Do not shove nachos onto your laptop, or throw your phone out the window.  You can get mad, but do not get angry!

And that’s it, Sports Reaction Nation!  Do you have any tips that Fantasy Football owners could find useful?  Put your tips in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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