Christmas Songs that describe NFL Teams

Merry Christmas, SR Nation!  To go along with my Christmas tidings, lets have fun with some NFL Teams by matching them with Christmas Songs.

New England Patriots

Song: Santa Claus (Patriots) is Coming to Town

The Patriots just clinched a first round bye.  The Patriots have seemingly had a bye in the playoffs since the dinosaurs went extinct.  The Patriots are like Santa Claus, they come around every year, they know when you’ve been bad or good, so be good, or you will have no chance of upsetting the Patriots.

Los Angeles Rams

Songs: I’ll be Home for Christmas (Playoffs)

The Los Angeles rams clinched their division with a win over the Titans.  The Rams have been horrible the last few years, and it has been a struggle.  But now, the Rams will be home in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Song:  We Three Kings (B’s)

The Steelers are atop of the AFC North, which should not be a surprise to anyone.  However, the Steelers are very dangerous, if they have their three main guys.  Big Ben, Antonio Brown, and Le’von Bell.  They are Pittsburgh’s three kings, of glory and Aw.

Minnesota Vikings

Song:  Let it Snow! (In Minnesota)

The Vikings the division last week, and got a step closer to a first round bye.  The Vikings have been good, and probably will end the season 13-3 and with a first round bye.  In any circumstance, however, the Vikings will have a home game in the playoffs, and they will want every home field advantage that they can get.  Since the Vikings are from the cold north, they will be used to the cold, and snow, while other opponents may not.

Kansas City Chiefs

Song: Last Christmas (Playoffs)

The Chiefs just clinched the AFC West with a win against the Miami Dolphins.  The last game of the season will be of no importance, and the Chiefs are stuck at the fourth seed.  Chiefs fans (including myself) are hoping that this playoffs will be different from last year.  Last playoffs, the fans gave the Chiefs their heart.  The very next day, they took it away.  Many fans will not be as hopeful this year, and will definitely be more hardened.

Philadelphia Eagles

Song: Grandma (Wentz) got ran over by a Reindeer (Rams)

Does anyone have strong confidence with the Eagles anymore?  Are the Eagles anyone’s favorite for the Super Bowl since the Wentz injury?  Nope, not really.  Could they win a playoff game?  Yes, but there are other teams that should be more prepared to win in the playoffs, then the newly altered Eagles.

Editor’s Note: Calling Wentz a Grandma is by no means, meant to be an insult to his ability

 Jacksonville Jaguars

Song:  Baby, it’s Cold Outside (Jag Teammates to each other)

The Jaguars are in the playoffs for the first time in around ten years.  Players are the team will be experiencing playing in January (and perhaps February) for the first time with the team.  It may not be cold in Florida, but when they travel to the Patriots or Steelers, they will start feeling the bitter cold of the Playoffs.

Cleveland Browns

Song:  Silent Night (in Cleveland)

The Browns have lost all 15 games this season, becoming the first team to have back to back seasons of 15 losses or more.  There is not much playoff buzz with the Browns, all is silent, all is calm (sarcasm) with the Cleveland Browns.

Well, their are some of the Christmas Songs that describe certain NFL Teams.  But what do you think, SR Nation?  Put some of your own Christmas songs that describe teams in the comments below, hit the like button, join the SR Nation, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

Merry Christmas!  And Happy Hanukkah, New Years, New Years Eve, Boxing Day (Canada), Chinese New Years, April Fools,  4th of July,  Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (next year)!  Just wanting to satisfy all of the ultra-sensitive people that would be offended by me simply saying Merry Christmas.

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