Ranking All 16 Possible Super Bowl LII Matchups

8 teams…2 Conference Championships…1 Super Bowl…A possible of 16 different matchups are possible for the big game. Some are good, some are bad. Here is my rankings of all…16…different…Super Bowl LII…Matchups.

Some blogs/sites (Like NFL.com) have their “Rankings for Matchups of Super Bowl 52”, but then they only do the top 5, or 3.  Now I know why…16 is a lot of matchups to consider, and most of them are pointless…But if their is one word that describes Sports Reaction, it is pointless, so here are all 16 possible matchups ranked.

16. Titans Vs. Vikings

15. Titans Vs. Saints

14. Titans Vs. Falcons 

13. Titans Vs. Eagles

These are the “Titan Bowls”…They rank at the bottom, because no one cares, or even watches the Titans…except Chiefs fans who want Mariota to get pounded ALL THE WAY BACK TO MUSIC CITY, YOU FILTHY COMMIE!!!…Sorry, it has been a tough weekend for a Chiefs fan like me.  Anyways, the Titans do not pose as a good Super Bowl matchup in any circumstance.  However, if I had to pick one matchup, my top one would be the Eagles, because that would be the only competitive game out of the bunch.  The Titans have no chance versus the Vikings, Saints, or Falcons.  Just calling it how I see it.

12. Patriots Vs. Eagles

11. Steelers Vs. Eagles

The Eagles Vs. The Top 2 Teams in the AFC?  I have a feeling that a “Brady Vs. Foles” poster is not going to hype people up for this matchup.  Both of these games are totally lopsided.  However, if Wentz was not on the IR, than these matchups would definitely be top 5.  I just do not think that the public wants to see a backup QB, versus HoF QBs.

10. Jaguars Vs. Falcons

This matchup is surprisingly one of the most “Eh?” matchups.  What do you even talk about?  You could kind of talk about a “Defense Vs. Offense” matchup, but the Falcons are not nearly as consistent to live up to that name.  It is just a “Eh?” matchup.

9. Jaguars Vs. Eagles 

This one would just be interesting, because the QB duel is so bad, that it would be super entertaining.  Both of the defenses have been the ones carrying their respective teams, and I would probably pick the Jaguars to win it, but no one should ever have confidence when saying that.  Plus, both teams have major Super Bowl Woes (Jaguars have never been), so you get to see a totally new team win the Super Bowl



8. Patriots Vs. Falcons

This one is ranked in the top 5 for a lot of sports analysts.  But NOT ME!  I HATE rematches.  The NBA has totally spoiled any excitement of having rematches.  I was tempted to put this even lower on the list, but I decided that I should not do that.  The matchup is not the worst, it would be a little interesting to see how the Falcons players handle seeing the Patriots in the Super Bowl again.

7. Jaguars Vs. Saints

This is truly a “Defense Vs. Offense” Matchup.  One of the top defenses versus one of the top offenses would be fun to see.  The Jaguars, and the Saints have not played against each other this season, so you get to see for the first time how the defensive-Jags fair against a Wild Brees-Kamara offense.

6. Steelers Vs. Falcons

This one would only be interesting because you have “Big Ben Vs. Matt Ryan”, “Bell Vs. Freeman”, and “Brown Vs. Julio”.  Would it be the most entertaining game overall?  Probably not, but it would be interesting to see how the debates on “Which of these players are better than the other one” would go, before and after the Super Bowl.

5. Jaguars Vs. Vikings

Total Defense!  Pure, and simple.  Both teams have elite defenses, and this might bring back some spotlight to the defensive side of football, which commonly gets overlooked.  “Defense Wins Championships” would be the slogan for Super Bowl LII, and who would have predicted in August that the two QBs in the Super Bowl would be Bortles, and Case Keenum?

4. Patriots Vs. Vikings

This is actually probably the closest matchup out of the list.  I really do not know who I would choose to win.  The Vikings have a great defense, and they have a offense that can be very stingy.  This matchup does not pose a ton of “Person V person” matchups, but overall, this would be one of the best matchups.

3. Steelers Vs. Saints

Offense Vs. Offense.  This would be a scoring fest.  Both teams would be scoring a ton, and have the weapons to do so.  Both teams have elite passers, and have solid running games.  There would be soooo many points scored, that it would put the Pro Bowl to Shame.

2. Steelers Vs. Vikings

This is sort of like number 4 on the list, except this poses as a great Defense Vs. Offense Matchup.  One of the best defenses versus one of the best offenses would be entertaining.  These franchises are also totally different.  On one side, you have one of the most successful, and largest franchises in the NFL, perhaps the world.  On the other side, you have the Vikings.

Source: https://lolzombie.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/joke-image-Super-Bowl-Win.jpeg


  1. Patriots Vs. Saints

This one is simple.  You have two of the best QBs in the league playing each other.  A Brees Versus Brady Super Bowl is a dream come true for a lot of sports fans.  This would be a very balanced game, with no team having much of an advantage over the other team.  Brady’s path to Greatness has been more on winning, than Stats (although he does have many impressive stats).  Brees path to Greatness has been more on Stats than Winning (1 super bowl is not bad).  This could possibly be one of the last times to see both of these future hall of fame quarterbacks at action, on the biggest stage in all of Sports.

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Which Super Bowl LII Matchup is your Favorite?  


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  • Saints vs Patriots would be a phenomenal Super Bowl matchup. If Brees were to win (which I really hope he does) it would do so much for the sport. It would not only allow him to breakup the monotony of the tyrannical reign of Tom Brady, but it could introduce him into the conversation of one of top 3 quarterbacks of all time.

    By the way, it is truly impressive that you went through the work of breaking down SIXTEEN Super Bowl scenarios! How long did it take you to write this??

    Liked by 2 people

    • If Brees won against the Patriots, it would definitely move him into one of the top of all time. I think if Brees shined, and won a second Super Bowl Ring, I think it would start a serious discussion on where he places among the best of all time.
      It took a while…Longer than I would have wanted, but it is what it is.


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