Falcons get one Step Closer to Another Super Bowl? 2018 NFL Divisional Round Predictions

Well, I went 3-1 in my Wildcard predictions, SR Nation.  I will give myself a congratulatory pat-on-the-back.  However, predicting does not get any easier this week, as we have the winners of the first round visiting the top seeds. Will any of the visiting teams get the upper hand over the home teams?

Falcons @ Eagles

The Falcons upset the Rams on the road, and are now having to play against a top-seed NFC team that is playing with a backup quarterback (Nick Foles).  Many people will be picking the Falcons to win, since they are coming off an impressive win, and the Eagles have a limited quarterback in Foles.  However, the Eagles have had plenty of rest, having clinched the top seed awhile ago, plus a first-round bye.  Their defense is rested, as is a lot of other players on offense.  If Doug Pederson is smart, he will just run the ball down the throat of the Falcons.  The Eagles have a talented rushing attack, with Blount/Ajayi.  So it would make since to utilize their talent, while trying to decrease the role of Nick Foles in the game.  However, I feel that overall, the Eagles are at a disadvantage at QB, coaching, and just overall offense.  I expect the Falcons will try to score fast, meaning Foles might have to make some plays.  However, I expect this game to be closer than most think.

Falcons 24, Eagles 20


Titans @ Patriots


The Moment Titans Fans realize they have to play New England this Week

Patriots 31, Titans 14


Jaguars @ Steelers

This is a great matchup.  An ultimate “Elite Defense Vs. Elite Offense” battle.  The Steelers have had a week to rest their stars, and to game plan against the Jaguars.  The Steelers ‘Technically” did not know who they were playing until Sunday…However they probably assumed that the Jaguars would beat the Bills, so the Steelers were probably doing some light homework on the Jaguars, even before their game.  The Jaguars had a very close game against the Bills.  Their defense was outstanding, but their offense looked much like the second-half Chiefs offense.  When you have a QB who is just average in scrambling run for more rushing yards than passing yards, you know your offense was not going great.  Bortles was obviously nervous, playing in his first career playoff game, and Jacksonville’s first in a decade.  Maybe he will be more comfortable in this game, but I feel the Steelers will be more comfortable.

Steelers 20, Jaguars 13


Saints @ Vikings

This is the game that I am most excited about this weekend.  It offers the “Defense Vs. Offense” battle, without the matchup being too lopsided.  The Saints have an elite offense, with a decent defense.  Whereas, the Vikings have an elite defense, with a decent offense.  Both teams have been more successful than most expected this year.  The Vikings will have to figure out a way to slow down Kamara/Ingram, and pressure Brees in the pocket.  The Vikings have had a week rest, and the Saints had a close matchup with the Panthers.  Both teams have not had success in the playoffs for a long time, (especially the Vikings).  The defense should be able to slow down the Saints offense enough, and have enough offense to elevate over the Saints defense, and then over the Saints as a whole.

Vikings 23, Saints 21


Well, their are four more of my predictions, SR Nation.  Who do you think will win this week?  Put your predictions in the comment section below.  Hit the star button if you liked this article, and join the greatest sports community…the SR Nation!  Thanks for reading, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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