5 Reasons Why the Jaguars have a Chance of Upsetting the Patriots

The Jaguars beat the Steelers! Can you believe it? A lot of people cannot, and are questioning if the Jaguars really have any chance at upsetting the Patriots this weekend. Well SR Nation, I will give you 5 reasons why the Jaguars have a chance to going to Super Bowl 52.

1. Outplayed the Steelers

Of course this is obvious, but it is important to realize that the Jaguars just beat the 2nd best team in the AFC Playoffs.  I would imagine that the Jaguars would have had an even bigger lead over the Steelers at the end, if the defense wasn’t playing safe in the last few minutes.  Either way, the Jaguars knocked off a great Steelers team that was OVERWHELMINGLY the favorites to win.  It is not as big of a stretch to imagine the Jags beating the Patriots now, then it was a week ago.

2. Great Defense

The defense did not play great against the Steelers, especially at the end (mostly due to trying to be “Safe”).  However, do not let the 45-42 scoreboard make you think that the Jaguars have horrible defense.  And I would even make the case that the Patriots is an easier offense to go against for the Jaguars than the Steelers offense.  The Patriots do not have quite as many dynamic weapons on offense as the Steelers have.  The Jaguars have a great defense that will be going against a slightly weaker offense in the AFC Championship game (Although, any offense with Tom Brady is one to be wary about).

3. Solid Rushing Game

The Jaguars have found a solid rusher in Fournette.  He was solid for them against the Steelers last Sunday, and has been very effective on the ground.  Running the ball is SUPER important in football, but is even more important in the playoffs.  Expect this game to be a mouth-smashing game…A battle in the trenches style…And that is not exactly a bad thing for the Jags.

4. Winning Versatility

The Jaguars have won 2 games in the playoffs this year…And both in totally opposite ways!  One game was a heavily defensive game, with the Jaguars winning with only a score of 10!  Bortles ran for more yards than he threw…It was not a pretty win, but it was a win.

Then next week, the Jagaurs score 45 points against the Steelers score of 42!  It was a shootout of a game.  Both teams were scoring a ton of points, and yet the team that only score 10 points the week prior beat the team that had one of the top offenses in the NFL, and had a week bye.  The Jaguars can win in whatever style they have to, as long as they get the W at the end.

5. Passion, and Energy

The Jaguars have been a struggling franchise, to put it lightly.  They had not been to the playoffs in around 10 years, and have NEVER been to the Super Bowl.  The bar of expectations was set low for the Jaguars this year, and they matched, and went over the realms of almost anyone’s expectations.  They beat the Bills at home, squeezing by with a win after a tough fought game.  Then they go to Heinz Field, and (being the underdogs) shocked the world by beating the Steelers.  This is as close to the Super Bowl the Jaguars have ever been, and they are ready to prove the world wrong!  They want to prove that they can become World Champions!  This sort of attitude, and passion is very vital in sports.  We have seen it in the past, and it is fueling the Jaguars right now.

Now, do I think the Jaguars will beat the Patriots?  I am not sure, and I honestly would not be surprised if the Jags or the Patriots won.  The Jaguars could win by ten, or the Patriots could win by 30!  I honestly do not know.  However, no one should be questioning the legitimacy or right that the Jaguars have to be in the AFC Conference Title Game.  They have definitely deserved it!  I think that they have a better chance of beating the Patriots then the Steelers would have if they would have won!  I guess we will see if the franchise with multiple Super Bowls will go to SB LII, or if the franchise with none will get their first appearance at the Super Bowl in February.

But hey, that is just my opinion, SR Nation.  What do you think?  Put your predictions for this game in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

Photo Source: https://cdn-s3.si.com/s3fs-public/styles/marquee_large_2x/public/2018/01/14/jacksonville-jaguars-super-bowl-appearances.jpg?itok=BrhTrF_C



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