Sad Day for New England this Sunday? 2018 NFL Championship Round Predictions

4 teams will battle it out on the gridiron to see who has the makings of a World Champion Football Team. Two games, coming this Sunday, will determine which two teams will be duking it out in Minnesota in February, in front of the largest audience in American Sports. See who’s in, and who’s calling it a season in my latest predictions for NFL Championship Week.

By the way, today a year ago, was my first post EVER on Sports Reaction.  I have been at it for an entire year, which is hard for me to believe.  The Sports Reaction Nation has grown over a 100 strong, and for that, I am grateful for all of you.  Thanks for following along, and hopefully we will keep going for years to come.

Patriots Vs. Jaguars

I did not expect to see this matchup when the playoffs started a couple weeks ago.  The Jags squeaked a win against the Bills, and than put up 45 against the Steelers.  Now Blake Bortles and co. will go into Foxboro as overwhelming underdogs by most of the media.  However, I believe this game is going to be closer than expected.  The Patriots have been far from perfect this year, and with the recent controversies, that does not help their case of winning.  Also, Tom Brady has a injured h


and, which caused him to miss practice Thursday, so things are definitely not going as planned for the current Super Bowl Champions.  So, just for the fun of it, I predict that the Jaguars will WIN this game, and here are 5 reasons why the Jags could do just that.  Are the Patriots more likely to win?  Sure, but that does not mean that the Jaguars cannot win this game.  All of this will come to how the Jaguars defense plays against Tom Brady.  The talent is there, but now they only have to perform.


Jaguars 30, Patriots 27


Eagles Vs. Vikings

On one side, you have a Wentz-less Eagles team lead by a quarterback who has been a backup for the last two years…On the otherside, you have a quarterback who is having the best season of his entire career.  The Vikings have two good receivers, a decent Tight End, and running game.  Oh, and the Vikings have a top 3 defense.  The Eagles have a good defense, with a solid running running game, and that is it.  The Vikings could lose, but it would not be for any rational reason, they would most likely lose in Vikings style…If they were to lose.  The Eagles scratched by a win against the Falcons, who is a much lesser team than the Minnesota Vikings.  The Eagles will have to play a TON better than they did last week to beat the Vikings.

Vikings 21, Eagles 16


Jacksonville Jaguars Vs. Minnesota Vikings 

Super Bowl 52

So that is my prediction on who will make it to the SUPER BOWL!  Who do you think will make it?  Put your predictions in the comments below, or you could go to TWITTER, and tweet at my brand NEW Twitter account: @Mister_Bassett. Or you could even go our new FACEBOOK page: Sports Reaction, @SportsReactionBlog.  Follow me at those places for new sarcastic content, and you can chew me out for my various leaps of logic.  But remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.


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