What Team will Bortles and Keenum Play for Next Year?

While everyone will start talking about Tom Brady, and Nick Foles going head to head, lets talk about the quarterbacks that lost in the Conference Championships.  Where will Blake Bortles, and Case Keenum end up next season?

Below I list the top 5 teams for each of the QBs.  They are either backed by tons of logic and evidence, or maybe it is a shot in the dark.  Either way, here it GOES:

Blake Bortles

Bortles has been the starter for 4 years with the  Jaguars.  His career has been streaky.  This last season was an in-between year for Bortles.  Bortles led the Jaguars to a 10-6 season, a division title, and two playoff wins.  He may not be a franchise starter, but he has proven that he can take a team deep in the playoffs, if he has the right pieces around him.  However, the free agent market will have a lot of competition, and the draft class has a strong showing of QBs.  So do not be surprised if he ends up taking a short-term, backup QB deal.  Or he ends up staying with the Jaguars

  1. Jaguars
  2. Steelers
  3. Giants
  4. Bills
  5. Colts

The Jaguars might be willing to stick one more year with Bortles, at a cheap rookie price.  I can already hear the “Bortles is our quarterback.  We have trust in Blake as our QB.”  The Steelers are scared that Big Ben may retire in the next year or two, so having a young quarterback, who was super impressive against you in the playoffs is not that FAR OUT of an idea.  The Giants have old Eli Manning, and may want to move on to another quarterback soon.  The Bills probably won’t have Tyrod Taylor back at quarterback, and could look to the QB that put them out of the playoffs.  The Colts round out the top 5, mainly because Bortles would be a good insurance policy, in case Luck gets hurt.  Plus, Blake may have hard feelings if he was cut by the Jaguars, and go to a team within the division.

Case Keenum

Keenum outperformed many peoples expectations this year with the Vikings.  He played exceptionally electric, so expect everyone to explain everything as Keenum eventually embarks to free agency (see what I did there?).  The Vikings are not totally out of the picture, but with Teddy Bridgewater on the rise, and Sam Bradford coming off of injury, it feels as if the Vikings will just let Keenum hit the road.  Plus, the Vikings will have a new offensive coordinator (since the Vikings OC is taking a head coach job), and the new OC will probably not have as much of an emotional reason to keep Keenum.

Source: Newsweek


  1. Jets
  2. Redskins
  3. Ravens
  4. Cardinals
  5. Vikings

I could see Case going to the Jets P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L,Y.  As perfect as anything can be with the Jets.  Kirk Cousins looks as if he is leaving the Redskins, which opens the door to someone like Keenum, who has a good personality for an organization that is having its struggles.  The Ravens are going nowhere with Joe Flacco, and the front office is just starting to see it.  Case Keenum actually reminds me a little of Joe Flacco, and it would be a needed change instead of having Flacco lead your team to 8 or 9 wins every year.  The Cardinals need a quarterback, and might be interested to give Keenum a chance over a rookie, since the Cards do not have a high draft pick.  The Vikings round out the top 5, since they could end up saying that “Bortles is our quarterback.  We have trust in Case as our QB.”

Well, Sports Reaction Nation, that is my opinion of the top teams that could get the runner-up QBs of Championship Sunday.  But what do you think?  Put your answers in the comment section below, or tell me on Twitter: @Mister_Bassett. (I have to plug in my NEW TWITTER account somewhere).  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF,

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