With Alex Smith Traded to the Redskins, What will Happen to Kirk Cousins?

Yep, I know…It has been over a week since I wrote, and I apologize. All there was on TV was politics, and the Pro Bowl, so it probably has been a tough weekend. However, since MY HOME-DOGGY Alex Smith is getting traded (Yes, I meant to say Home-Doggy…Don’t Judge!), lets look at the other quarterback that is directly influenced by this trade…Kirk Cousins.

What contract is Cousins going to get offered?

Okay, Cousins has been a good quarterback for the Redskins.  His talent is unquestioned for the most part.  Cousins, in his last 3 seasons at starting quarterback, has eclipsed over 4,000 passing yards (2016: 4,917 yards).  His completion percentage has floated around the mid-to-upper 60’s.  In the past three seasons, Cousins has thrown 29, 25, and 27 TDs, respectively.  So, it is pretty obvious that Cousins is going to be in high demand in free agency.  So what pay-range will Cousins get this offseason?

  1. Cousins is talented.  He may not be top 5, but is considered top 10 by most.
  2. Cousins has not complained about the horrible situation that the Redskins have put him in, which boosts his value, since most franchises like the face of their team to be calm, collected, and not easily angered.
  3. Cousins has not had a major injury in the NFL.  He has not missed a start in the last 3 seasons.
  4. Cousins is only 29, so he logically has 6 to 9 years left in the tank.

All of these factors will give Cousins a humongous contract.  I think the Cousins will become the HIGHEST paid quarterback in the league.  You heard me right, I think that this offseason that Cousins will get the biggest bucks that the NFL has ever seen.  Most people have a misconception that players get paid based on how good they rank in their position (like the 8th best QB would get the 8th highest contract, etc.).  However, that is not the case.  Look at the highest paid players in the NFL, and you will see Matthew Stafford, Derek Carr, and Andrew Luck.  All of which are good, but not usually considered the best of the best that their contracts portrays.  I explained this in an article I wrote in August, which was an analysis of Matthew Stafford’s then new contract.  Simply, players get paid not based on performance (per say) but based on how valuable they are to their team.  A player may not be the “Best” but he could be that one piece the teams need, and if they have millions that they can pay, they will do it.  So expect a 4 to 6 year contract, probably around 28 million, or maybe he will be the first to reach the 30 million dollar-a-year mark.

What team will Cousins sign with?

Cousins is going where they will “show him the monaayyy!” And where he will be more appreciated then he was in Washington.  Here are the options:


So, here is the deal.  The Browns need a quarterback REALLY badly, but they have the top pick in the draft, and might be willing to gamble on a rookie, than spend 20 million more dollars a year on Cousins.  The Jets need a quarterback as well, and have the money to do so.  It would depend if Cousins is comfortable to go to a team that is not quite “Championship” ready.  The Bills could use a quarterback, but at the moment, they still have Taylor.  The Jaguars, and Vikings have “Decent” QBs, but might be willing to add Cousins to get them to the Super Bowl.  And then the Cardinals have no one at quarterback, and whoever the new coach is may want to get someone pro-ready at the helm.

However, I think it will most likely be the Broncos.  Elway has always been one to “Bring in talent” and pro-ready players.  Peyton Manning had played over a decade for the Colts, but than the Broncos got him.  I could see Elway be willing to go after a big time player like Cousins.  Plus, Cousins may be more willing to go to the Broncos than the Jets or Browns.

So there is my pick, SR Nation.  Denver Broncos sign Kirk Cousins to a 5 year, $150 million dollar contract.  But that’s just my opinion, what is yours?  Put your answers in the comment section below, or Tweet me your answers @Mister_Bassett.  And if you want to join the SR Nation, click the follow button on the side, or follow me up on Facebook or Twitter for more wacky sports, and random comments.  And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

Photo Headline Source: prod.static.redskins.clubs.nfl.com/assets/images/imported/WAS/photos/clubimages/2016/05-May/tempKirk_0003–nfl_mezz_1280_1024.jpg


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