The Road Ends Here: Head-to-Head Super Bowl 52 Analysis

Super Bowl 52 is already here.  I, myself cannot believe that it has been 6 months since the season kicked off.  It has been a season full of ups, and downs.  I would be lying if I said it was perfect.  From the kneeling controversies, to the Chiefs losing in the Wildcard Round (Hey, Hey, Hey…Don’t Judge) this season has had some low moments.

For Green Bay fans, when Aaron Rodgers went down with an injury, so went down their Super Bowl 52 hopes.  The same goes for the Seahawks when Sherman got injured…But we cannot forget the high moments for some franchises as well.  The moment the 49ers realized they found their future quarterback, or when the Jaguars, and Bills made it to the playoffs after many long years of not going.  Yes, this season was full of ups and downs, but that is what makes it Football Season.  It never ceases to be boring.

Now, lets look at the different matchups in the game at hand:

                                                                            Patriots Vs. Eagles

Coaches:  Bill Belichick Versus Doug Peterson    

This one is easy.  Bill Belichick has been to 7 previous Super Bowls, has decades of experience, and has an amazing Hoodie.  What does Doug Peterson got?  Better Hair?  The winner here is obvious.

WINNER: Grumpy Grandpa Bill

Quarterbacks:  Tom Brady Versus Nick Foles

This one is easy.  Tom Brady has been to 7 previous Super Bowls, has decades of experience, and does not have an amazing Hoodie.  What does Nick Foles got?  Napoleon Dynamite memes.   The Winner here is obvious…And a little Déjà vu.

WINNER: Tom Bra-a-a-a-a-ady (Get it, because he is considered the Goat?  Forget it).

Running Backs:  White/Lewis/and many more Versus Blount/Ajayi

The Patriots have a lot of decent running backs, but the Eagles have a pretty good 1-2 punch with Blount, and Ajayi on the ground.  To put the answer Blount-ly

WINNER: Blountly Ajayi…And Blount

Wide Receivers:  Cooks/Amendola Versus Jeffery/Agholor 

Amendola had a great game in the AFC Championship, and Cooks has proven that he is one talented receiver.  Jeffery is getting a little old, and Agholor just has not had enough time to be considered a stable receiver.  Plus, Agholor is sick this week, so that also brings his value down.

WINNER: The Short, Little Men

Tight End:  Rob Gronkowski Versus Zach Ertz

Gronkowski is active for the Super Bowl, but I would not expect him to be a 100% healthy.  Maybe close, but not quite.  Ertz has shown that he is a baller at the TE slot.  However, even with Gronk a little injured, I do not see Ertz as better than Gronkowski.

WINNER:  Rob “Don’t Eat Tide Pods, because I ate 6 before I realized it was a mistake” Gronkowski

Defense:  Patriots Versus Eagles 

The Patriots defense has not been great.  They have been up, and down this season, and have just been more lackluster than in years past.  The Eagles, on the other hand, have one of the greatest defense in the NFC, one of the strongest front 7, and wrecked havoc against the Vikings two weeks ago.  Eagles have been dominate on defense, and I do not expect that to change anytime soon.

WINNER:  Eagles Defense

Overall Totals (Defense was worth 2 points):

Patriots: 4

Eagles: 3 

So, to stay true with my matchup alignments, I will say the Patriots will beat the Eagles…with a score of 4 to 3!  Thank you for reading this artic…just kidding, I believe the score will be Patriots 26, Eagles 16.  Mark it in your calendars, and come back to this article after Super Bowl 52 is over, and comment, “Wow, Bassett!  You were completely wrong.  I predicted the score right!”.  But if you like this article RIGHT NOW…Or whenever you are reading it, hit the like button, click follow to join the greatest upcoming nation, SR Nation, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

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