5 Reasons that Struggling Times are Approaching the Patriots! The Future of New England: Part 2

Here is Part Deuce to my series on the Future of New England. Age, coaching, and perception are just a few of the 5 reasons that may hinder the Patriots in the years to come.

Bye-Bye Defensive Coordinator

Matt Patricia is a very talented coordinator.  Known for his “Bend, but don’t break” defense. Well, his defensive mind is now in an office building in Detroit. This may benefit Detroit (or hurt Detroit, who knows?) in the future, but it definitely hurts New England in the now. Losing your defensive mind, along with other assistant coaches (Like O-Line), and you can expect a whole new scene of Patriots coaching staff. And it will take some time for them to warm up in New England.

Free Agency

Danny Amendola, Dion Lewis, Rex Burkhead, Malcom Butler, Nate Soldier, James Harrison…What do all of these players have in common? They all are unrestricted free agents, hitting the 2018 NFL market. Butler is leaving, no doubt about it. But Amendola will want to get paid, same goes with Soldier. And do not forget about old Harrison…He made an impact in the playoffs, and will want a pay increase. The Patriots will not be able to sign all of these guys, so expect a few to leave, creating the Patriots more holes to fill.  But what about these 4 impactful people that may be gone soon from the Patriots, which I mention in Part 1?

Aging Roster

The Patriots have the oldest roster in the NFL. Why is this important? Doesn’t age mean more experience? Yes it does, but it also means that more players are set to retire, or will take a step back in quality of play. This does not bode well for the Patriots in the future.

No Future Quarterback

This is one that I bet Bill Belichick will back me up on. Apparently Billy wanted to keep the currently highest paid QB, and not trade him away. But since Jimmy is rolling in the Big ‘San Fran’ Bucks, the Patriots only have Tom Brady. Now having Tom Brady isn’t such a bad thing, except he is over 40, and has only a few years left on his contract. The Patriots will have to address that position in the next few years, which will either make it or break it for them.

No Fear of Domination

Since the Patriots lost SB LII, teams (and fans) are not quite as afraid of the Patriots as they were a month ago. Brady is declining (ever so slowly), players are getting old, free agency is setting in, and the coaching staff is shaking up. If other teams are not more confident in their ability to knock off the Patriots, than call me a hound.

But hey, that is just a few of my analyses. But what do you think? Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember, do not forget to be the best sports fan that you can possibly be, and do WLYF.

Photo Source: https://cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/4/590x/914776_1.jpg

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