The Mystery of Nick Foles Future: Solved!

It has been a few weeks since the upset of Super Bowl 52! However, the Nick Foles drama is still continuing…Which field will Nick Foles be playing on this upcoming season? Here is my analytical take, which includes diving into some NFL History.

However, lets look at the 3 obvious outcomes that could happen (not counting retirement).

The 3 Possible Outcomes:

  1. Keep
  2. Trade
  3. Cut

With that being said, here are some of my Analytical looks:

First of all…

Lets Dismiss the “Cut” Possibility:

Foles has a friendly team contract.  He signed with the Eagles making only backup Quarterback Money.  Cutting Nick Foles would have ZERO benefit, SR Nation!  So do not expect Nick Foles to hear a “I’m gonna Cuuuuttt Youu!” from the Eagles.

Nick Foles and Trent Dilfer:  Two Quarterbacks…One Story

When I was trying to figure out the unique situation that Nicky Foles, I started researching…Trying to see if any other quarterback has been in this sort of situation before.  It helps if you can find an “Analytical Brother”.  So I looked at all the Super Bowl winning Quarterbacks in NFL History…And Lo’ and Beho’ (Because Behold doesn’t rhyme with Low…Obviously) I found Nick Foles “Analytical Brother”.  TRENT DILFER!  He won the Super Bowl in 2001 (2000 Season) with the Baltimore Ravens.  How is Trenty Boy like Nicky Foley?

  • Both started their respective seasons as a backup, than ended up starting, then ended up winning the Super Bowl.
  • Both won Franchise’s first Super Bowl.
  • Dilfer and Foles were roughly the same age (28 and 29, respectively) when they won the Super Bowl.
  • Both had 1 Pro Bowl Appearance each at the time of their Super Bowl Win

They may not be totally identical, but it is pretty close by my standards.  Trent Dilfer actually played 8 games in the 2000 season, going 7-1.  Which is impressive when the team was 5-3 at the point he took over.  But what happened to Dilfer after the Super Bowl?  He did not get re-signed by the Ravens, and went into free agency.  The Colts ended up signing Dilfer, but it was not a starting position.  Dilfer became the backup to Matt Hasselback.  From that point on, Dilfer went to a couple other teams, started a few more games, but played more of a mentor role to other quarterbacks.

I am not saying this is what is going to happen to Nick Foles, but my first thought that comes from this is…

The Nick Foles hype only goes so far

Nick Foles has a ton of hype right now.  4 months ago, no one thought about Nick Foles in the least.  But now he is being hyped up to becoming a big trade target?  Yes, he beat the Patriots, and won the Super Bowl.  I think he deserved the Super Bowl MVP.  However, teams want a LONG TERM answer, and Nick Foles has not proven that he is that answer.  Is he a short term answer/mentor/depth answer for teams?  Absolutely!  But Foles had two good performances in the Super Bowl, and the NFC Championship.  He was not good in the Divisional round, and we do not even talk about his Regular Season play.  Fans can sometimes forget the entire picture, and focus too much on the recent.  But I have a feeling the NFL teams are a little smarter, and capable to look at the entire framework, and will not want Foles for a 5 year, 150 million dollar contract.

Eagles will not get big offers

Here are my two reasons why you most likely will not see a BLOCKBUSTER deal for Foles:

  • 1 year left on contract
  • Other Quarterbacks in Free Agency (and Draft)

He only has 1 year left on his contract, which is more what teams are wanting from Foles (since he is not their long-term solution).  However, in the WORLD OF TRADES, a 1 year contract is not much of a asking bid for other teams.  Plus, the free agency market is filled with quarterbacks (Cousins, McCarron, Keenum, Bortles?, Bradford/Bridgewater?, etc.) and the QB draft class is also pretty rich as well.  So just like economics, when the supply of something floods the market, the demand of that supply goes down (with the price).  Foles will not be getting a big offer from any teams that know what they are doing.  Could one team pull a fast one, and trade for Foles?  Yes, but it should, at the very least, not garner a high price.







If the Eagles do not get offered any “Outstanding” deals, like a first, and a second round pick, then the Eagles will not mind having Foles on the bench for 1 more year.  Wentz could get injured again, or just play at a lower level because of his previous injury.  So keeping Foles is the safer path for the Eagles to choose with Nick Foles.

But what do YOU think, SR Nation?  Do you think Foles will be Cut, Traded, or Kept by the Eagles?  Put all of your Lovely answers in the comment section below, and remember to be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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