Shaquem Griffin: The NFL Prospect that is Making the Impossible, Possible!

When the NFL combine rolls around, you get all the news about the top name prospects, who is going to be the next future of a franchise, and will the Browns find a feasibly Quarterback?  This year, a player was invited to the NFL Combine (although not originally) that shows the determination, and strength that is possible by individuals.  This man?  Shaquem Griffin.

Shaquem Griffin is the twin brother to current Seahawks Cornerback, Shaquill Griffin.  Born in July of 1995, the brothers have both been involved in sports, especially football.  Shaquem, and his brother played in Forida, where they were born, and raised.  After impressive years in High School, the University of Central Florida gave both Shaquill, and Shaquem a football scholarship.  Shaquem played all 4 years at UCF, where Shaquem became a 2-time First-team All-ACC, ACC Defensive player of the year, and the Peach Bowl Defensive MVP.  Shaquem, who plays linebacker, had over 18 sacks the last two seasons (leading his team in sacks in 2017), had over 33 tackles for a loss, and multiple turnovers over his tenure with UCF.  Shaquem’s success at the UCF is something that any college player wished they had, and would be proud to have on their resume.

You may be asking, “How is this unique“?  There have been players that have had success, and even more accolades then Shaquem, so what is the big deal?  Well, Shaquem has a physical limitation that would hinder most people from performing normal day-to-day life, let alone high level football play…The limitation?  Shaquem’s left hand, tragically, had to be amputated when he was 4 years old.

Without his left hand, most would not even think about pursuing sports/physical activities to a high level.  People who are just shorter than average are told that they should not pursue anything sports-related.  But I guess Shaquem, and the Griffin family had a different opinion.  Shaquem continued to participate in sports, alongside his older brother (older by a minute) Shaquill.  And while Shaquem has proven his worth at playing linebacker in football, that was not the only sport that Shaquem experience success at.  Shaquem was pretty talented at Track and Field.  And actually, Shaquem had several scholarships from colleges to become a part of their Track team.  But overall, Shaquem decided to pursued his football career over Track.

Just recently, Shaquem got invited to the NFL Combine, and Shaquem outperformed everyone’s expectations.  Maybe most impressive was his bench press.  Shaquem (with the aid of prosthetic hand) did 20 reps, which ranked 16th overall among ALL Linebackers, and outperformed other high-profile players at the combine.

Many are expecting that Shaquem will get drafted in the 5th-6th rounds.  Not only will Shaquem bring his talent to whichever team drafts him, but he will bring his determination, and perseverance as well.

Overall, Shaquem is a story…a story of a person who started out with hardship, and pain.  A story of a person who is overcoming the doubts, and expectations that others have placed on him.  No matter how “Impossible” it may seem, he still is pursuing, and still fighting…Against all odds.  And we see this in many areas of life, not only within sports, but also in our careers, our family-life, and our personal life.  So do not stop fighting, and believing, SR Nation!  And remember, be the best Sports Fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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