Will Stephen Curry’s Ankle Injury be a Big Problem for the Golden State Warriors?

Stephen Curry has gone down with an ankle injury, and everyone is wondering how it will affect the Warriors. Will this injury affect the Warriors in the postseason? And could this be the beginning of the end for Stephen Curry’s elite play?

What Happened to Stephen Curry, Exactly:

In December, Curry injured his right ankle, and was not able to play for 11 games in a row (December 6th to December 29th). Since then, that same ankle has rolled 4 times, and then his matchup against the Spurs was the final straw. While going towards the net, Stephen Curry’s ankle twisted. He did not go out immediately, and played a little more before going into the locker room. It is expected not to be a very serious injury.

How Long will Curry be out with Injury?

Not too long, but Curry did not travel with the Warriors. The Warriors are on a two-road game stint before coming back home (at the time of writing this article). However, the amount of time that Curry will be out is unknown. Head Coach Kerr is not afraid to sit players, and not be pressured by what the player wants. Kerr said that he will not rush Stephen Curry’s to the court. So he may come back in a couple days, or it could be a few weeks.

Does this Hurt the Warriors?

Technically, the Warriors will be hurt in the short term that Curry is out. With that being said, when Curry was injured in December, the Warriors won 7 straight games. However, this is a very inopportune time for Curry to go down. The Rockets have a tiny lead over the Warriors for the top seed in the playoffs, and there is less than 20 games left in the season. So the Warriors are in need of a final push, and losing your best player does not help them at all. The Warriors do not NEED the top seed, but they definitely are fighting for the top seed, as said by Kerr and Green. However, if they can play like they did back in December, then the Warriors will have no problem.

Does this Hurt Stephen Curry?

Many people are saying that this injury could be a nagging issue for Curry. Maybe he will start slowing down? Maybe he will never reach the same level of play he did before he was injured? However, I would say that most of those words are more speculation then fact. Here is why:

  1. This injury does not appear to be serious. Yes, it is a re-injury, but the first injury has not hindered Curry that much, so I would not expect this injury to affect Curry (in the long term).
  2. Stephen Curry’s play style is not as dependent on the ‘physical aspect’ when he plays. Curry’s play style is more illusive, and deceptive. He is not a tall player, but he creates separation by technique, and his ability to fool the other team. Other players, like LeBron, is a very physical player. He is athletic, and uses his height, and strength to power through teams. An injury for LeBron would affect his playstyle more than Curry.

All in all, I do not think that this injury will affect the Warriors a lot in the long term. In the short term, the Golden State Warriors will have to step up if they want the top seed. But if Curry’s ankle injury is what it is expected and said to be, then he should return before the Postseason, and be back to his normal self.

But hey, that is just what my opinion is…What is your thoughts about Curry’s ankle, SR Nation? Comment your thoughts, and predictions for the NBA below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!


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