Does Cousins Top the List? Ranking the 2018 Free Agency Quarterback Signings

Wow! What a rollercoaster of a NFL Free Agency this has been so far! Many Quarterbacks have gone to different teams. Which Quarterback signings were a HIT, and which Quarterback signings were a BUST?

By the way, I have been sick this week, so that is the reason I haven’t posted recently (except for now). Anyways, ONTO THE RANKINGS!
1. Kirk Cousins

The Vikings landed Kirk Cousins, which is obviously the biggest hit in free agency. Now, I know some of you may feel that the Cousins deal was a little TOO generous, and that it should not have been fully guaranteed. However, since his contract is for only 3 years, I doubt that the Vikings would have had much of a chance of cutting him in that amount of time. If it was fully guaranteed for 4 or 5 years, then yeah…That might be a little ambitious. But Cousins would have to play REALLY bad to even be considered to be cut, and I doubt that there is much of a chance of that happening. So overall, the Vikings upgraded at the QB position, and gave themselves the best chance of winning the Super Bowl in the next few years.

2. Drew Brees

Now, it is not very surprising that Brees re-signed with the Saints, although there was some rumors that he could go somewhere else. But overall, the Saints did the right choice. Brees may be old, but he has not shown any sign of slowing down…But I think the Saints played it safe, by signing Brees to a 2-year, $50 Million contract (only $27 million guaranteed). The Saints kept there franchise Quarterback, while saving some Mu-la, and did not have to offer a lot of guaranteed money.

3. Tyrod Taylor

I know, I know…The Browns technically traded, and did not sign him in free agency. But I am going to include anyways! The Browns only had to give up a couple draft picks (neither first round), and got a decent Quarterback. Of course, no one expects Tyrod Taylor to be Aaron Rodgers, but he is the best quarterback the Browns have had in decades! He has talent, and may be a little inconsistent, but can also play like an all-pro at times as well. Add the fact that the Browns picked up Carlos Hyde, to solidify the running game, and I think that you are setting yourself for the future.
4. Alex Smith

I think the Redskins fall right into the middle of these rankings. Smith may not be as flashy as Cousins, but one thing Smith could do that Cousins could not do was win games. Smith came off the best season of his career, and the Redskins took the safest bet they could, regarding the circumstances.

5. Case Keenum

I am happy for Case Keenum. I was happy that he had a successful season with the Vikings, but I think the Broncos paid a little TOO much for Keenum. $36 million for 2 years ($25 million guaranteed). Case Keenum had one good season, but I still would not trust him to take them to the Super Bowl, or anything. Which version of Case will the Broncos get? 2017 Case, or backup-Case? It really is up in the air, and is a risky move for the Broncos.

6. AJ McCarron

Bills picked up McCarron for a two-year, $10 Million dollar contract. Not too much risk, but not too much is expected to be gained. He could be the next Tom Brady, but more than likely he will end up being average or below.

7. Sam Bradford

$20 Million dollars, for a Quarterback who is coming off a knee injury at the age of 30, has not played a full season since 2012, has never broke the 4,000 passing yards mark (in a season), and has less than a 2-to-1 TD to INT ratio. Sounds like a $20 million quarterback.

Well, that is just my opinion, SR Nation! But what do you think of all the Quarterback signings? Put all of your lovely answers in the comment section below, and remember, bet he best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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