Upset in the National League? 2018 MLB Division Winners: Predictions

Baseball is back, baby! And it is time for me to give my flawless predictions (Minus the flawless part) for each MLB Division. Will your team win your division this year?

By the way, again, I have not posted much this month.  I had to take a trip to Ohio, and have been busy.  So I decided to start back up with writing about the MLB, since I hardly ever do.  However, here are my predictions:

AL East

Winner:  Yankees.  The Yankees are famous for getting TONS of hype…And then falling short.  However, they have picked up a few good pieces, and there only competition is really the Red Sox, within the division.  I do not see the Red Sox winning the division, (although maybe a wildcard spot), so the Yankees are my pick.

AL Central

Winner:  Indians.  The AL Central is sickenly bad…S-I-C-K-E-N-L-Y bad!  Five-thirty-eight has predicted 4 MLB teams to have a record of less than 70 wins…And two of those are from the AL Central division (Royals, and Tigers).  The Twins and White Sox are in the middle, not the worst, but not really good.  The Indians are one of the top teams in the American League, so it is expected that the Indians will come on top!

AL West

Winner: Astros.  The other 4 teams in the division are “Eh?”  while the Astros are the current World Champions…Who do you think has the best chance of winning the division?

NL East

Winner: Nationals.  The Nationals have won 95 or more games in a season, 4 out of the last 6 seasons (and the last two straight seasons).  The Nationals may not go far in the postseason, but they can win in the regular season (and thus, the division).  Much like the Indians, there is not much competition from within the division, so the Nationals are top dogs.

NL Central

Winner: Cardinals. This is my upset pick (since I do not simply want to predict all of the ‘top dogs’).  A lot of people will be choosing the Cubs, but I think the Cardinals will barely nudge out the Cubs for the division (with the Cubs gaining the wildcard spot).  Not much reason, except that the Cubs are, well, the Cubs.  Nothing but my gut-feeling, and bad-logic goes into this prediction.

NL West

Winner: Dodgers.   The Rockies, Giants, and Padres do not have much of a chance in actually winning the division.  The only real competition comes to the Diamondbacks.  However, the Dodgers have a knack at winning in the regular season.  Last season, the Dodgers did great, (except for a bad streak), but overall, the NL pennate winners will most likely win their division.

Well, those are my 6 division predictions for 2018!  But what do you think, SR Nation?  But your predictions in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF! 

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