Superteam in Los Angeles? Analyzing the Theories Explaining the Rams Aggressive Offseason!

Wow! L.A. has been crazy this offseason! The Rams have gotten two of the best corners in the league, one of the most famous Defensive Lineman in the league, and recently added a top tier receiver! Are the Rams trying to make a Super Bowl Push, or is there a more sinister motive for the Rams?

Who is New?

Danny Heifetz, from The Ringer, lays out what the Rams have gained and lost this offseason:

Rams Added: WR Brandin Cooks, CB Marcus Peters, CB Aqib Talib, DL Ndamukong Suh (free agency), Giants’ 2018 fourth-round pick, Giants’ 2018 sixth-round pick, unknown Dolphins mid-round pick, Chiefs’ 2018 sixth-round pick

Rams Lost: 2018 first-round pick, 2018 fourth-round pick, 2018 fifth-round pick, 2018 seventh-round pick, 2019 second-round pick, 2019 seventh-round pick, DE Robert Quinn, ILB Alec Ogletree, WR Sammy Watkins (free agency)

Read Danny Heifetz full article: Here!

So as you can see, the Rams have added a ton of big name players to their roster…All of which were former-first round draft picks.  The Rams made it to the playoffs last year, and were a good team.  But now add two of the best Corners in the league, an impactful Defensive lineman next to Aaron Donald, and a receiver that has had at least 1,000 yards receiving and 5 TDs each year since he has been in the league, and what do you got?   Bippidee-boppity-BOO!  You might have the NFL version of a superteam.  I have never seen a team be THIS aggressive in a single offseason before.  It is pretty impressive, and also scary for the other teams in the NFC West.

Why are they Being Aggressive?

There is many different theories that answer this question, so lets look at them:

Theory 1:  Making a Super Bowl Push

Why it may be true:

  • The Rams were competitive last year, but fell short in the playoffs.  A lot of teams add big talent to get them from ‘Playoff Contender’ to ‘Super Bowl Contender’.
  • Rams looking at the Short-Term.  Usually with a big Super Bowl push, the team is not worried about ten years down the road.  They are concerned with the here and now!  This comes in the form of superstars being signed (or traded) who have short contracts.  They are not expecting to have them for the long term, and can afford great players for a couple years, but won’t have them for many years (and hopefully win the SB within those couple years)…And Va-la!  Talib has two years left, Peters has 1 year (with an option), Suh has a 1 year deal, and Cooks has 1 year left.  Seems like the Rams are looking at the short-term to me.
  • Who would not want to make a Super Bowl Push?

This is definitely the most popular option.  Most sports fans say that this is obviously the answer, but I think it goes deeper than that…Cue Theory 2!

Theory 2:  Battling for L.A.

This theory is saying that the Rams are trying to create their fan base, and gain viewership.  The Rams are new to L.A., and the Chargers came in last season, and now both teams are battling for the fans of L.A., and get all the moo-la.

Why it may be true:

  • The Rams were good last year, but they still have a young-kid at the most important position.  Goff is good, but he went up and down a lot last season, and does not seem to be Super Bowl ready.
  • Money is everything.  The NFL is a business, and adding big names for only a year, to gain more fans, and starve out the competition (the Chargers) is good business.  How much publicity, and attention has been put on the Rams in the last month?  A ton…How much attention has been put on the Chargers?  Hardly any at all.
  • The year right after the Chargers come to L.A., the Rams sign all of this players.  Maybe it is a coincidence?  Maybe not?
  • All of the players that the Rams got (besides Peters) were either signed to a 1-year contract or had only 1 year left.  Now if you were making a Super Bowl push, wouldn’t you want to have at least a couple years to be able to do it?  1 year is kind of short, especially since they only went 11-5, and lost in the first round.  It is a big jump from that to a Super Bowl in just a single year.  Most teams understand that it takes a little time for new players to get into a rhythm with a new team, and sometimes it takes over a year.  So either the Rams are overly-confident that they are going to the Super Bowl THIS YEAR, or they are wanting to expand their fan base in L.A.

So those are the two biggest theories, and I lean more with Theory 2!  Why?  Because it answers all of the questions.

Why are the Rams aggressive THIS offseason?  Because they need to expand their fan base before it is too late.

Why are the Rams signing/getting players with only a year or two left on their contracts?  Because they want to get the publicity, get fans to have an emotional connection with their team, and then they can let those players go after their mission is done.

Obviously, it is a little bit of both theories.  It is not like the Rams do not want to win a Super Bowl.  But I think the main reason they signed/traded for these players is because they have to win the fan base of L.A. against the Chargers.  It does not matter what they do in 2025 if they do not have any fans in L.A.  Because it is hard to have fans cross-over between fan bases once they become emotional involved with a team…And the Rams know that they can get millions of people following this team for at least ONE YEAR, and then that opens the door for them to follow them for years to come.

But what do you think, SR Nation?  Which theory do you think it is?  Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF! 

Photo source: Here!



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