The Real Reason Masters Champion Patrick Reed is Hated!

You have heard it on the news…You have heard it on TV, the radio, the newspaper (if you still get one), sports blogs…Everyone supposedly hates Patrick Reed!

Now I am not the biggest Golf fan, I probably could not name everyone who has won a Major the last twenty years…But I am a bigger-than-Average fan (not referring to my weight).  I used to play in a Golf-League when I was a kid, and have always had a soft spot for the sport of golf.

But being just a “Bigger-than-Average” fan, I must say that I did not know a lot about Patrick Reed.  I had heard the name in the passed, or on the scoreboard, but never had a reason to research this random golfer…Now this random golfer is a Masters Champion, and the media went crazy/insane over how much everyone hates the guy…But why?

Patrick Reed’s History:  

ESPN Senior Writer, Ian O’Connor, had an article about Patrick Reed, and spelled out his past:

Reed was kicked off his University of Georgia team, and nearly voted off his Augusta State team by his schoolmates, for offenses that ranged from alcohol-fueled misbehavior to an arrest for underage drinking to constantly talking down to lesser teammates to alleged cheating infractions. His coach at Augusta State, Josh Gregory, suspended him and warned him that his entire career was about to go up in smoke.

“After sitting down with Josh,” Reed told in 2014, “it helped me realize it’s not all me, me, me.”

For Ian O’Connor’s entire article, click here.

So as you can see, Patrick Reed’s history has had a lot of controversies.  Whether it was getting kicked off his college team, and almost again by his teammates, because of drinking/lack of respect/cheating.  After reading that list, you may be thinking, “Yeah, it makes since why he is hated!”.  Well, it makes since why his TEAMMATES hate him, and people that know him hate him, but that was quite a few years ago, and I bet a lot of the fans did not even know his background.  So why is there so much outrage from the Fans?  And more importantly, why does the Big Sports Media hate Patrick Reed?  Surprisingly, it is much for the same reason:


Tiger Woods not Winning = Hatred! 

The Masters had more viewership than it has for a long time.  Why?  Because of Tiger Woods’ return.  The media built Woods story to this humongous headline, and put Woods into contention of winning it all…And a lot of people fell for it.  Even after the first round, where Woods shot a +1, the Media still kept driving up people’s hopes!  And a lot of casual/non golf fans watched the masters, because of the promise of a Woods win.

But it never came.

Woods would not progress anywhere, and always stayed far behind, and obviously, the casual/non golf fans who were watching ONLY because of Woods were disappointed.  They do not love the sport…They love Tiger Woods (Not like that), and when he failed, they got angry…And who else to aim your anger at then the person who wins the Masters that they were promised that Woods would win, or at least be close to winning?

That’s right!  Patrick Reed is hated by so many fans, not because of his past, but because he won, and Woods did not!

Now, I am not saying that passionate golf fans did not hate the guy, because some did.  But the national hatred is coming from the Woods fans.

Now what about the Big Sports Media hate Reed?  It is easy to see that they do not have the same opinion on Reed as they do on Rory, Spieth, or Woods.  It seems like journalists are having fun picking on Patrick Reed, and there is two possibilities on why:

  1. It’s popular.  If one article goes mainstream, and is successful, why not flood the viewers with tons of news about it?  Hey, I am even writing about Patrick Reed.  Media are pretty wishy-washy when it comes to having opinions, and will jump on whichever bandwagon gets the most views.  This is one thing that probably one reason for the Reed hatred.
  2. They were rooting for Woods as well!  They drove the story, spent endless hours praising Woods, and his return story.  But what do they get in the end?  A guy from Texas who has never won a Major in his career.  So why not drive some hatred at him?  Patrick Reed is a nobody, and what storylines are there to write?  So lets talk about how much this guy sucks, and maybe we can get some people to jump on board?

But that is just what I think, SR Nation.  What is your opinion of Patrick Reed?  Put your thoughts in the comment section below, and join the greatest nation of sports fans, the SR Nation, by hitting the follow button…And remember, be the best Sports Fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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  • Mr. Bassett, well done. The radio told me Reed is the most hated golfer on the tour: loner, addict, selfish, etc…I was zoning out, waiting for the topic to change. I don’t follow golf. I agree with the Woods angle, Tiger is super celebrity and it makes the PGA more money when he does well because eyeballs glue to the tube.

    Liked by 1 person

  • I meant to send this to ya sooner, but the episode hadn’t aired on TV yet / wasn’t updloaded, just remembered. This is a show I work on (I run the audio board), and the first place I heard about Patrick Reed was on this show while filming, the 2nd was right here on your page. One of our local radio guys here in Rochester has a little different take on why some people don’t like Mr. Reed.. Enjoy!

    (16:53 if something goes wrong.)


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