4 Reasons why the 2018 NBA Playoffs are Already Great!

The last few NBA Playoffs have been hard for the sports fan. Staring at the TV, watching the Warriors/Cavaliers dominate every year, while sipping a Ginger Ale, because the store was out of your favorite beverage! Well, there just may be hope for us, sports fans! The 2018 NBA Playoffs may be the greatest thing, since sliced pecans in a jar! Here are 4 reasons why the Playoffs are already great!

1. Diversity

Now, I am not talking about racial diversity, or cultural diversity.  I am talking about the diverse teams that are in the NBA Playoffs this year!  4 of the 16 teams that are in the NBA Playoffs are new, and were not in the Playoffs the year previous.  It may not sound like a major feat, but the NBA has a habit of having teams remaining in the playoffs F-O-R-E-V-E-R! (Psst…Talking about you, San Antonio!).  This one may not be a big issue, but it is nice to see a steady rotation of new teams within the playoffs.  So…yeah, that is a goal for the NBA!

2. Balanced Competition

“You are no greater than your weakest link!”.  You have probably heard that a million times from coaches, motivational speakers, PR, and HR!  However, this applies to the entertainment of the NBA Playoffs as well.  The NBA Playoffs is no better than it’s worst team.  If the top few teams are good, and the rest are bad, how entertaining is that?  Not very, and 2015-17 proved it!  The more competitive teams within the NBA Playoffs, the happier sports fans around the world will be (except for fans from Denver…they are never happy!).

So to illustrate this point, I made a HD High Quality Graph that took me hours upon hours of calculations to perfect…All of which shows the mathematical, and scientific FACT behind increased competition, and happiness.

Warning:  Do not stare at graph for more than 15 second…Your mind might possibly explode from it’s high quality perfection!  Viewer discretion is advised!


I know…absolute beauty!  Now let me interpret this graph, (which definitely was not made in MS Paint, and took less than 3 minutes to make):

As you can see from the angle of the line, the more competitive teams there are in the NBA Playoffs, the more happiness-of-self a sports fan experiences.  More competitive teams, more happiness…Less competitive teams, less happiness.  Simple, right?

Now you may notice the steep decline at the end of the graph, and you may be thinking, Wwwhaaa…?.  Well the reason that the decline occurs, is because we would be dead before THAT many teams were competitive, so obviously, that takes a hit on our happiness level.

This year, the 2018 NBA Playoffs have more competition than it has for the last quite-a-few years.

3. Interesting headlines…that are not about Golden State/Cleveland

Throughout 2015-2017, all of the NBA headlines had either “Warriors”, “Cavaliers”, “Stephen Curry”, “LeBron James” in the title!  Look it up, it is a fact.  Enter 2018, however, and the news headlines regarding the NBA have been spread out a little more evenly.  Step aside, Goldie-State and Cavalinos, other teams are getting a little spotlight from the Sports Media, and I like it.  I could make another graph, illustrating the relationship of assorted headlines and happiness, but it would look roughly the same as the one above, and I doubt that the internet could handle 2 world-breaking graphs within the same article, so we will move on.

4. The first time (for the last 3+ year) you have had suspense about who is going to win the NBA Finals!

In past years, nobody doubted that the Warriors and the Cavaliers would be in NBA Finals.  However, with the Warriors seeded at number 2, and the Cavaliers at number 4, people are starting to question if there will be a repeat.  The Rockets have been great this year (Thanks to Harden), and will be strong competition for the Warriors.  The Cavaliers have 3 teams that are ranked higher than them in the playoffs, so do not expect it to be a cake walk for LeBron this year.  Sports fans FINALLY get to feel a little bit of suspense this NBA Playoffs, thanks to the increased competition/diversity of teams in the running this year.

Now the only thing that could make this 2018 NBA Playoffs any better is if the Warriors and Cavaliers do not make it to the big game!  Not that I would be bitter that the Warriors/Cavs have been to the Finals the last 3 YEARS!  Give it a break, LeBron (and Curry, and Durant, and Love and…)!  Let some other team get a shot at greatness for once, and 2018 might as well be the year!

But what do you think, SR Nation!  Put your opinions in the comment section below!  If you liked my graph, hit the like button!  And if you want to see more of my content/epic graph-making in the future, hit the follow button as well…And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

Header Photo Source: Here!


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