Ten NFL Teams Most Likely to Draft a Quarterback this Year!

The draft is upon us.  Hundreds of college-aged kids will join the ranks of billion dollar franchises.  Most people do mock drafts, but I have yet to see a mock draft that actually ended up being actuate.  Trying to predict the NFL Draft is like trying to predict which way a bug will fly…it is simply impossible (unless a bug does not have wings, then it is pretty easy to predict).  So instead of predicting who each team will draft, I will predict which teams are most likely to pick a quarterback.  Here are my top ten:

1. Cleveland Browns

The Browns have two first round draft picks, with one being the first overall.  All leads are pointing towards the Browns picking a quarterback…Your national NFL analyst knows it, your local radio sports talk hosts know it, your grandma knows it…Even your pet fish named Toby (who you just remembered has not had its tank cleaned) knows that the Browns are picking a quarterback.

2. New York Jets

Weirdly, the Jets are in more of a need of a quarterback than the Browns.  Yes, they signed Bridgewater…But they have no confidence in him even having a roster spot, much less becoming a starter.  The Jets have the third pick overall, and are guaranteed to get one of the three main quarterbacks in the discussion.  However, they could throw everyone off, and pick someone else, but with how bad their quarterback situation is, I would say it is pretty likely that the Jets will pick a quarterback.

3. Buffalo Bills

The Bills traded away Tyrod Taylor, who for all of his faults, was at least able to get the Bills to their first playoff appearance in almost two decades.  Now, the Bills have two quarterbacks on their roster, going into the draft…Nathan Peterman, and AJ McCarron.  Peterman was a disaster last year, and AJ McCarron has not played a snap for a few years, and has only a few starts under his belt.  Since the Bills have two first round picks, they might devote one of them towards the future of the most important position on their team.

4. New York Giants

Eli Manning…Need I say more?

5. Arizona Cardinals 

The Cardinals signed Sam Bradford to one of the worst contracts of the 2018 offseason (good for Bradford, bad for the Cardinals).   With Bradford signed to a 1-year, 20 million dollar contract, the Cardinals are not in a “Need Now!” situation.  However, they will need a quarterback by next season at the very least, and there is a 50-50 chance that they will need a quarterback to step in this season when Sam Bradford gets injured a few weeks into the season.

6. Denver Broncos

The Broncos signed Case Keenum…No hate on Keenum, but he is not the long-term answer that Elway was looking for to lead his franchise.  There is a chance, whether early on, or in the later rounds, that the Broncos might take a shot at developing a quarterback draftee, while Keenum takes over the realm of the Broncos for a few years (or one).

7. Miami Dolphins

Well…Jay Cutler was a disaster, and the Dolphins cannot depend on Ryan Tannehill staying healthy.  But even if Tannehill did come back on the field, one would doubt if he would be as successful as he was before his injury.  The Dolphins have many holes to fill, but it would not hurt the Dolphins to add some talent to their quarterback position.

8. Pittsburgh Steelers

Big Ben hinted at retiring last season, but then came back to lead the Steelers to another Division Title.  Big Ben is getting old, and the Steelers need to start looking to a future after Big Ben is gone.  Adding a young quarterback prospect, which Ben Roethlisberger could mentor for a year or two would be a great plan for the future of the Steelers.

9. Indianapolis Colts

The Colts have been plagued with Luck ALWAYS being injured.  Hopefully, for the Colts, Luck will be back on the field in 2018.  However, that is never a guaranteed for Andrew Luck…For a guy who has “Luck” in his name, he certainly does not get any luck (except for that fumble-touchdown that he had against my Kansas City Chiefs in the 2014 playoffs…Augh, my heart is still broken!).  Anyways, the Colts hope in Luck is dwindling, and they could finally bite the bullet, and pick a replacement for him.

10. Los Angeles Chargers

Lastly, the Chargers could draft a quarterback in this year’s draft.  Philip Rivers is 36, and could slump at anytime.  The Chargers have not had to worry about the quarterback position for a long time, but with the career of Rivers coming closer to an end every season, it is not completely out of the question for the Chargers to get some young blood that could lead the L.A. Chargers to success after Rivers is retired.

And that concludes my top ten.  Which teams do you think will draft a quarterback this year, SR Nation?  Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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  • As a Minnesota Viking fan I can tell you that your predictions for the Jets, Cardinals, and Broncos is correct! Bridgewater, Bradford, and Keenum are not long term answers, that’s why the Vikes dumped them.

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  • Keenum seems to be a great guy in every interview I’ve seen or heard. I wish him the best! I don’t believe he is a top tier NFL QB, so I’m happy with the Vikes securing Cousins.

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  • Now that the Draft is over and we saw all of those Quarterbacks go in the 1st Round, were you surprised by the Ravens taking Lamar Jackson?

    Pretty happy with the Josh Allen pick for Buffalo, but as a Bills fan I’ve been trained to look for The Solution in the 1st Round every single year. I do like that Allen has experience playing in cold weather, whereas the other QBs on the board / recently there were more warm-weather / California-based.

    And now..we wait!

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