Why Elite NBA Teams Stay Elite!

The Cleveland Cavaliers have won the first three games versus the Raptors…And most likely will win a fourth game soon, and progress to the Conference Finals. 

And I am mad about it!

I am not a big NBA person.  There is no NBA team in Kansas City for me to become a fan of.  So for years, I simply ignored the NBA.  However, ever since I started Sports Reaction, I had to face the inevitable, and write about the NBA.  Kerfuffle!

After writing about the NBA for over a year, I have come to the conclusion, that yes…Indeed…Undoubtedly, the NBA is the boring-est (definitely a word) league to write about, period!

Why?  Why is the NBA boring to write about?  It is simple, SR Nation!  It is SO predictable!  Especially in recent years.  And all the blame goes to LeBron James, and the Golden State Warriors.  People may like dynasties, but people also like diversity as well.  There always seems to be some “Dynasty” in the NBA.  Take a break, and let there be real competition!

So with my angry rant out of the way, lets answer the question “Why are dynasties so common in the NBA?”, or at the very least, why is there such a large gap between the best teams, and the middle teams, which causes me to rip my hair out, and go behind a Walmart to a sketchy hair-transplant store!

1. Smaller Teams:

Unlike Football and Baseball, Basketball has only 5 players on a court (at a time).  A team needs to only find a few elite players to make a good team.  If a NBA team has two elite players, they will make it to the playoffs, and probably survive a few rounds.  If an NFL team has two elite players, they are just like everyone else…The same goes to baseball as well.  NBA teams do not have to find dozens of players to be excellent starters, but if they can find a couple all-stars, and if everyone else is decent, well then, you, my good sir, can make it big!  It is not as easy in the other common sports to create a dynasty, because you must find more players, and have more holes to fill than teams do in basketball.

2. Gold-digging Players (or as I like to call them, the Durant-ians):

Players like to win, and what better way to secure winning than to join a team that is already winning.  Look at Golden State.  Kevin Durant left the Thunder, to join the Warriors…Why?  No, it was not because he wanted to move to California or wanted Kerr as his coach.  He wanted to win and be on a good team.  And as we proved above, simply adding a single elite player can make a huge impact on an NBA team.  The Warriors could get almost anyone they wanted in free agency (almost), just because players want to join good teams.  And by adding those players, the Warriors continue to have success, which means players want to sign with them, and on, and on the process goes.

Here is another “World Shattering Graph” that I made, to illustrate this point:

NBA-Dynasty-graphAs you can see, if a team signs an elite player or two, they will have success.  Then because they have success, they can sign elite players.  Then because they have elite players, they can have success.  It is a simple phenomenon to understand, but no less vital to understanding why the NBA is filled with elite teams, who stay elite. 

However, SR Nation, that is just my opinion.  Why do you think the NBA is a league that is top-heavy with elite teams, and have a ton of, so called “Dynasties”?  Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

Photo Source: Here


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