The Repeating Nightmare! NBA Conference Championship Round: Predictions

Congrats, NBA!  You are on the brink of having the same two teams participate at the Championship Finals for 4 years in a row!  Now, you may be thinking that I should not be blaming the NBA for what is happening.  Maybe I should blame the Pistons?  They almost beat the Cavaliers in round 1, but fell short?  How about the teams that have faced the Warriors, they certainly could have done better?  Well, I blame them too!

Interesting Fact:

The NBA teams with longer names then their opponents have won 10 out of the 12 playoff games played so far.  While everyone is trying to predict the winners by statistics and biochemistry, they have missed the real way to predict winners in the NBA…Which is team name length.

So here we go!

Boston Celtics   Vs.   Cleveland Cavaliers

I predicted both of these teams to lose, so I have already lost my pride in predicting this game.  But the Cavaliers are just a different animal in the playoffs, and the Celtics have been underdogs in the playoffs, ever since Kyrie Irving has been injured.  So I have to predict that the Cavaliers are going to pull off this series, and go to their 4th straight Championship Finals.

But what really seals this prediction is that the Cavaliers have a longer name then the Celtics.

Prediction: Cavaliers in 5 games.

Golden State Warriors   Vs.   Houston Rockets

Did anyone think that the Rockets would make it this far?  Some of you may be nodding your head yes, but deep down…and I mean deep, deep, and deeper down (the deepest of downs), you thought the Rockets would blow it in the playoffs, like they do every year!  However, the Rockets seem to playing like themselves, and are not letting the pressure get to them.  However, the biggest obstacle is yet to come to the Rockets…The Warriors are coming to Texas, and they are playing like themselves as well.  I would love to see the Rockets beat the Warriors, but due to historical precedent, and the even bigger fact that the Warriors have a longer name then the Rockets, I have to swing my prediction towards the Goldie-Boys.

Prediction: Warriors in 6 games.

Believe me, SR Nation.  I am just as disappointed by the result as you are.  I would give an arm and a leg for the Golden State Warriors and Cleveland Cavaliers to NOT be in the Championship finals again (not my arm and leg, though).  However, the power of team name lengths compels me to predict rematch number 4!  But what do you think, SR Nation?  Which two teams will be in the Championship Finals?  Put your answers in the comment section below…And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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