The Owners have Spoken: NFL Adopts New Anthem Policy

No, against what some common rumors say, I did not die.  I merely have been busy.  But there is absolutely nothing better to write about (after a writing drought of almost 2 weeks) than politics…Uh, that was sarcasm, SR Nation.  I know, as a sports fan, that there is nothing worse than seeing a sports writer, WHO (under his job title) ought to write about sports…NOT politics.  So, hopefully we can glide through this issue, SR Nation, like a gentle feather floating through New York traffic.  Lets go, shall we?

What happened:

The NFL has recently changed the rules on their anthem policy (as voted on by the NFL owners).  The new rules say that players can stay in the locker room during the National Anthem, is they so desire to do so…But players cannot kneel on the field during the Anthem.  The owners passed the rules, and now the media is having a hay-day with it.

Why did the NFL change the Rules?

The Owners:

Firstly, some NFL owners were very vocal about their dislike of the protests (not to name any names, but one of them may be from Texas), so the owners probably wanted to have a say about the issue, instead of letting Roger Goodell mess everything up.

TV Ratings:

Secondly, NFL TV Ratings have dropped.  Now some people may try to say that the Anthem protests had nothing to do with the drop in ratings, but I find it strange that the ratings have been dropping, ever since Kaepernick took knee.  TV Ratings have a big influence in the world of sports…Better ratings, more money…Worse ratings, less money.

A Solution: 

Lastly, I think the NFL is just wanting to solve the issue.  They have been dragging this issue through the mud for the past few years, and I think they want to put an end to it.  It is as simple as that.

The NFL has a right to change their Anthem Policy:

Now I know that some of you may be saying that this is a blatant violation of the right to protest.  A lot of players have been saying that their rights have been violated, and a lot of sports fans on twitter have as well.  However, what you must understand, is that the National Football League is a private organization.  They can legally put codes, and restrictions on their employees (which includes the players).  The Government has to uphold your freedoms/rights (or should, at least).  Businesses do not.  Now, obviously businesses cannot do EVERYTHING.  However, in this case, the NFL has a right to add these restrictions.  Plus, the NBA already has their own anthem policy, which says they have to stand…So nothing groundbreaking (in the world of sports) is happening with these updates to the anthem policy.

The anthem is played because the NFL wants it to be played before the game, and they have the right to tell their players how they should be representing the NFL during a event that the NFL wants to happen.  It is just like how a lot of cities do not allow their police officers/firefighters to drink while they are wearing their uniform.  They may have the right to drink, but they can do that after they are off duty.

Hypothetically, what if you yelled a bunch of offensive, sexist, racist and dirty comments in your work place, you probably would get fired…Why?  I mean, under the same logic, wouldn’t a person who yelled all of that be protected by the first amendment?  No, because a private business has every right on how their employees should behave, and the NFL is just doing the same in this circumstance.

Bottom Line:

I do not care whether you agree with the anthem protests or you are against them.  You may love that Colin Kaepernick kneeled during the anthem, or you may see it as disrespectful for everything that America stands for.  However, whichever side you believe, we should all, at the end of the day come to the conclusion that the NFL is not violating legal law, or are somehow destroying the constitution.  They are just businesses looking to make a profit.  You should not think any more or less of them then that.  But that is just my opinion, what do you think, SR Nation?  Put your answers in the comment section below (be nice), and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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  • NFL only cares about money, they are a business. I would argue they don’t even care about football – unless it makes them money. The NFL also doesn’t care about rights so much as they care about public perception which leads back to revenue. This new rule isn’t going to stop the controversy. People will want players on the field not in the locker room. And what if someone comes out and then drops to a knee? This is not over by a long shot…

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  • The thing that bothered me most was when some players were using it as a bargaining chip: “if you sign me, I’ll stand for the anthem.” Gimme a break, haha. I haven’t gone hunting for pictures or stories (and won’t), but I wonder how a lot of these guys spent Memorial Day. Did they go to parades with their families? Did they participate in a moment of silence? I was at a baseball game where 10,000+ people stood silently for nearly a minute. But then you’d look around during the National Anthem, and there are still people who leave their hat on. And that happened way before any of this kneeling stuff. I don’t know if they feel the same way, or have felt the same way, or if its simply ignorance, “oh, we’re supposed to take our hats off?” I don’t know, *shrug*

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