5 Reasons Why You Should Dislike the Golden State Warriors

The Warriors are heading to the NBA Finals, once again. So instead of predicting the outcome of the 2018 Finals, which the Warriors will probably win, I have a list of the most dislike-ful-iest things about the Warriors.

5. The Warriors are the league Villains

Everyone needs a team that they can root against.  In the NFL, it is the Patriots…the MLB has the Red Sox or Yankees…The NBA???  They have the Warriors (or whichever team LeBron is on, that is an option too!).  The Warriors are good, and thus are hated by other fan-bases.  Simple as that!

4.  Always in the Finals

This is kind of related with number 5, but is something that I have always hated (and by always, I mean for the last 4 Finals) is the lack of change at the top of the NBA.  The Warriors have been to the Finals for the fourth consecutive time…And they have won two of those.  In any circumstance, I would not have much sympathy if the Warriors experienced a loss in their fourth Finals in a row!

3. Bandwagon Fans

5 years ago, I never met anyone who was a fan of the Warriors…Almost nobody even knew they existed.  But now, EVERYONE is a fan of the Warriors (at least, the most popular NBA teams).  Here is, yet another, world-class graph to illustrate the issue of fans of the Golden State Warriors:GSWFansGraph








After extensive analysis of this graph, you may notice that after a particular year (which-so-happens to be the first year the Warriors made it to the big game), a spike of fans occurred…Why?  Because sports are full of bandwagon fans, and the Warriors is like candy for bandwagoners.  But in 5 years, when the Warriors are no longer on top of the league, where will the majority of their fans be?  Rooting for whichever team is winning at that point of time.

2. The Warriors are a Super-Team

Super-Team is a term used by sports fans/analysts for a team that has gained so many good players (usually by stealing other team’s good players) that they make other teams uncompetitive, and that they will always have the advantage when entering the court, and makes a sport relatively uninteresting to watch.  And guess what?  The Warriors are one of these “Super-Teams”.  Actually, it could be said that the Warriors has made it that the only way to win in the NBA is through creating a Super-Team of big-shots…Thanks, Golden State!  Now almost 75% of the NBA has NO CHANCE at making it to the Finals!

1.  The Warriors are not your team

If you are reading this article, and you are a “Real” fan of the Golden State Warriors (bandwagoners do not count), than I cannot blame you for liking your team.  If I lived in Oakland all my life, I would probably be a fan of the Warriors.  However, since I am not, I can say that the Warriors are one of the easiest teams to hate (for opposing fan bases).  The Warriors make us watch them every year in the Finals, the Warriors dominate our local teams and we get tired of hearing fans in our own neighborhoods, who just randomly like the Warriors, who do not even know who Al Attles even is.

But hey, that is just 5 reasons why the Warrriors are easy to dislike.  If you like the Warriors, do not be offended…I will probably write another article about why you should dislike the Cavaliers, so do not worry…I am not throwing just one side under the bus.

I would be interested in what you have to say, SR Nation.  Do you like the Warriors, or do you hate the Warriors?  Maybe you have a sixth reason for my list which you think should have made it?  Or perhaps you want to tell my why the Warriors are the most lovable team in the NBA.  Put your opinions, deep insights, and snidely remarks in the comment section below…And remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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