5 Reasons Why You Should Dislike the Cleveland Cavaliers

Do you dislike the Cavaliers, but you do not know really why? Well, do not fear, for Sports Reaction is here. Find out 5 reasons why you should dislike the Cleveland Cavaliers, heading into the 2018 NBA Finals.

5. They Always Dominate in the Playoffs

I know that it is strange to call any team from Cleveland to be “Dominant” in the playoffs, but the Cavaliers are definitely what anyone would say is “Dominant” in the playoffs.  Perhaps, the most annoying part, is that during the regular season, the Cavaliers are sometimes “Eh?” which gives the opposing fans a false hope that their team could beat the Cavaliers.

4. Their Nicknames are the “Cavs”

Really?  Your nickname is the Cavs?  I understand that it is short for Cavaliers, but all I can think about is either a baby calf, or my lower leg…And that is not very intimidating (especially the latter).  Plus, just the word “Cavs” sounds weird.

3.  The Consistent Media-Attention 

Whenever the media talks about the NBA, the Cavaliers (and the Warriors) always make it into the conversation.  I understand that Sports media should cover the top teams (look at what I am doing now), but why does my local sports station, which is not even near Cleveland, talk only about the Cavaliers?  Unacceptable.

2.  The LeBron James Fan-base

Whichever team that LeBron joins, expect that team’s fan-base to double overnight.  Call them bandwagon fans, but this is simple ridiculous.  LeBron James could join a baseball team, not play a single game, and be the top jersey seller in the MLB.  Very few sports players can say that they have fans as dedicated as LeBron’s (maybe none?).  Once LeBron leaves Cleveland, expect to see no more Cavaliers fans from that day forward.

1. The Cavaliers, Minus LeBron, are Horrible

This NBA playoffs is a perfect example of how bad the Cavaliers are when LeBron does not “LeBron”…The Cavaliers, as a team, would be close to bottom of the league if Mr. James was not in one of their uniforms.  LeBron has to score 40 points to make the Cavaliers competitive with other teams.  This, for the normal sports fan (and for the weird sports fans, like me) is very frustrating to see.  Whenever the Cavaliers are successful, it feels as if the entire Cavaliers team does not deserve to be “Honored” for their achievements.  Really, LeBron should get all the glory (and that is coming from a non-LeBron fan)…The Cavaliers are just along for the ride, and LeBron James is at the steering wheel.

Well, there are 5 reasons to dislike the Cavaliers heading into the NBA Finals, SR Nation.  Who do you dislike the most, after reading both articles about the Cavaliers and Warriors?  Put your answer in the comment section below, and remember…Be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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