Top 100 NFL Players of 2018 Has No Credibility! Snub’s NFL Passer Rating Leader and Pro Bowler!

Okay guys, I am really mad…REALLY MAD! For years, I have always looked forward to the “Top 100 Players of x-year” list. Being an avid fan of the NFL, I always enjoyed to see little clips of some of the best talent of the year, and get to know some of the players that deserved to be recognized.

This year, however, is different. Not only are the Top 100 players of the NFL been inaccurate, but the Top 100 snubbed a player who was a Pro Bowler, led the NFL in passer rating, over 4,000 yards passing, and career numbers acrossed the board. That player is Alex Smith.

Alex Smith broke his reputation of being a dink-and-dunk passer by being one of the best deep throwing quarterbacks in the league. He lead the Chiefs to a second consecutive division title and their 4 playoff appearance in 5 years. Smith had 26 touchdowns, and 5 interceptions, all in just 15 games. When will Alex Smith get any respect?

Case Keenum made it to the top 100 list (in the 50’s) and yet, Alex Smith has a significantly better stat line than Keenum in every category except completion percentage (Kernum was .1 percent better than Smith in that area). How did Keenum make the list, and Smith did not? I do not know…But frankly, I have lost all respect for the top 100. When a player who played only 7 games in a season can make the top 10 just proves how biased it really is.

That’s it for now, SR Nation! Put your thoughts in the comment section below, and remember, do WLYF!



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