LeBron is Outta Cleveland and Outta Contract…And Heading to Boston?

The man…The man that has been to 8 straight Finals has opted out of his contract with Cleveland, setting LeBron up for what everyone is calling “Decision 3.0”.  The weight of this decision weighs big on the NBA, determining which team will be one of the most competitive for a Final Championship in the years to come.

LeBron James, in his long career, has only been on two teams at the professional level.  The Miami Heat, and the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Having won championships for both franchises, it would not be ridiculous to think that LeBron may go to a 3rd team.  Some people are theorizing that LeBron may stay with the Cavaliers.  However, I think that if LeBron was ultimately wanting to stay with the Cavaliers, he would have said out right, and not made his Free Agency a big frenzy.  Obviously, he could stay with the Cavaliers, but I would not find more likely if LeBron left for somewhere else…These teams have been in the conversation, as of late:

The Lakers

Some people are saying that the Lakers will be the team that will get LeBron.  Now this may very well be the case, but if I was LeBron, I would not want to deal with that franchise in the least bit.  For one, you have the Ball family, which would be just a mess.  Two, you have the Kobe legacy that still looms over the Lakers, and LeBron would have to kind of take over his legacy, and the respect of people in L.A.  Thirdly, the Lakers are not that great right now, and will not be the easiest team to progress to a championship in 2019.  However, we always know that LeBron is up for a challenge.

The Rockets

Some have said the Rockets, although not much more than speculation has been reported about that happening.  Plus, with LeBron opting out of his contract, it will make it harder for the Rockets to land him, since he will want a max contract for sure.

The Celtics

The Celtics would be interesting, but the Celtics are already looking at Kawhi Leonard for the time being, and putting LeBron back with Kyrie would probably not be in their best interest (because of Kyrie’s/Lebron’s controversy a while ago).

I’ve got an interesting theory here though, it may be a stretch, but it would be interesting none the less.

The Celtics/Lakers/76ers are all interested in Kawhi…What if a three way trade happened between the Celtics/Spurs/plus another interested team?  And in this trade, the Celtics land Kawhi Leonard (or someone like him), and in the process, trade away Kyrie Irving?  Kyrie has already said that he plans on opting out of his contract with the Celtics next year.  This would still keep the Celtics a good team, but it also opens the Celtics to land LeBron as well.  Without Irving, this makes Boston a much pretty franchise for LeBron to hang his hat on.  The Celtics were really good last year, Boston is a big city, and the Celtics are in the East.  If LeBron went to the Celtics, the Celtics may be able to defeat the Golden State Warriors, which would definitely put a smile on LeBron’s face.

But hey, that’s just a theory…A Sports Theory!

Anyways, not much else to really talk about for the moment on this whole situation.  It will all be “Wait-and-See” for the next few days.  But what do you think, SR Nation?  Where do you think LeBron will be playing next year?  Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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