A Personal Letter to the NBA

Dear NBA,


Before we met, I was perfectly happy with my sports life.  The NFL and I had a good thing going.  I was content with studying all 32 teams, with my biggest worry being the Brady Vs. Manning debate or whether the tuck rule should have been enforced.  However, I got intrigued by your cunning, NBA.  You said that LeBron James (THE LeBron) might get upset in the Finals by a young nobody named Steven…No, Stephen…Stephen Curry.  That was the name, I think.  You dazzled me with the story of the underdog overcoming the odds, and beat one of the greats!  How could I resist?

And you did not fail me then, NBA.  The little Warriors beat the Cavaliers, and LeBron James.  Everyone was ecstatic, to say the least.  A team that nobody (and I mean nobody) cared about suddenly got thrown into the spotlight, and became the sports media sweetheart.  I did not mind back in those days.  I was naïve, back then.  I did not realize what would happen.  I did not know things would change between us, NBA!

The very next season, everyone was excited to see what the Warriors could do.  They had been thrown into the top-tier of teams talked about, and I was interested to see how the Warriors would put up under all the pressure.  But the unexpected happened, as you well know, NBA.  The Warriors won some games…And then some more games…And then even more games!  The Warriors went on to win 73 games in one season!  Everyone was surprised, but none more than me.  The Warriors blasted through the playoffs to the Finals, where they went up against the Cavaliers, like the year before.  But the Cavaliers ended up winning in intense fashion, sending Stephen Curry 1-1 in the Finals.  I thought that maybe that would be the end of it.  I mean, how many times could the Warriors go to the Finals in a row?

But then Kevin Durant left the Thunder, and joined the Warriors!  Thousands of fans were dumbfounded…And mad at KD for abandoning his loyalty for the Warriors.  But fans were even more mad at the Warriors, for luring KD away from the team he has been apart of for years.  Now it was obvious that the Warriors were the top dog in the NBA.

And the last few years have been the same, NBA.  The Warriors have won the Finals for the last two years (and it was not even close).  The Warriors almost lost to the Rockets in the Conference Finals, but they overcame and won.  I had hope that after 4 years, another team may be able to overthrow the Warriors in the West.  However, to destroy any hope that I, and any one else had of any coming change, the Warriors added DeMarcus Cousins for a fifth of his worth.  The Warriors are better than ever before, and look poised to win a FOURTH title in 5 years…It is starting to get a little repetitive, NBA.

The sad thing is, NBA, is that the Warriors used to be the little, underdogs who everyone sort of liked.  But ever since they have added big names (KD, and now Cousins) the Warriors have turned themselves into the league villain.  Before KD, they looked independent.  They did not need to add big names to be the best, they could win all by themselves.  But after KD, and especially with DeMarcus Cousins, they look like they just are hoarding big name talent, and that the only reason they can win is because they were able to convince some All-Stars to take a pay-cut, so they could all win a Final.  Nobody will respect the Warriors if (when) they win…How much respect can you have for a team that had to have a team full of all-stars, just to beat LeBron and/or the Rockets?  It looks pathetic, and is not impressive, to say the least.

You have broken the hearts of millions of sports fans across the United States, and the World, NBA!  I am getting tired of this repetitive cycle.

Please…for the sake of the sport, and Fan-Bases everywhere, please change…Somehow.




Tired Sport’s Fan (Bassett)


P.S.  Remember, do WLYF



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