The Mysterious Robbery and Assault at Hickory Pass: The LeSean McCoy Controversy

I just want to say, the crime that happened was terrible, and my thoughts and prayers go out to Delicia Cordon and everyone who is related to the situation.  I do not pretend to know who committed the crime, all I want to do is provide some of the details, and see what the SR Nation thinks.

Onto the Mysterious Robbery/Assault at Hickory Pass:

The Day of the Crime…

It was around 3 AM in the morning, and Delicia Cordon was fast asleep when a “Short, Black Man, wearing a mask and black clothing” broke into her house at Hickory Pass.  The police responded to a call to Hickory Pass by 3:18, having received a call from a woman who said that someone had broken into her house, demanding jewelry/money, and that her face was “Demolished”.  The Police entered the house and found Delicia Cordon bloody, and injured.  Cordon was taken to the hospital, where she is recovering.  Now, you may be thinking that this crime is random, and do not see any irregularities…Well, lets look into this crime a little deeper.

The Victim:  Delicia Cordon is LeSean McCoy’s EX-Girlfriend

Surprise, surprise!  The main reason this whole situation has been thrown into the spotlight is because of Cordon’s relationship with Bills running back LeSean McCoy.  And as suggested above, Cordon/McCoy are EX’s.  So you can imagine that their relationship is not the best, but wait…There is more!

Cordon lives in McCoy’s Atlanta house…Much to the annoyance of McCoy

Cordon, even after their breakup, still resides in McCoy’s house, which is the same house that the crime was committed in.  In June, McCoy had attempted to evacuate all of her stuff out of the house, while Cordon was away at her sister’s graduation.  However, Cordon saw people moving her stuff out of the house through the house’s security cameras.  McCoy has since replaced the security cameras, so she does not have access to the live feed.

The Jewelry

According to Cordon, the intruder was looking (specifically) for jewels.  Now, this may seem like something that any robber would want, but what makes it even more suspicious is that McCoy had made several calls to the local police, wanting to get back jewelry that he had given her, which apparently had been loaned out to him.  And some think that it is interesting that these jewels were one of the main things targeted in the intrusion.


Like I said, McCoy and Cordon have been going back and forth with here living in here house.  Well, McCoy had filed eviction papers against Cordon.  The lawsuit was supposed to be resolved soon…

No Signs of Forced Entry

The intruder was in the house, but their was no signs of him forcefully entering the home.  Which either means that the house was not locked, or the intruder had some sort of access to get into the house.

Everything is Circumstantial

I know by now that you are already coming to conclusions about who the culprit may be…A.K.A LeSean McCoy.  However, we must realize that a lot of the evidence found so far is circumstantial, and can be as easily explained away….For Example:

  • What robber would not want to steal jewelry?  Cordon was wearing jewelry on the night of the incident, so the robber would have clues that she had jewelry.
  • Just because McCoy was having problems with evicting her from moving to her house does not prove he would have her beat up.  The lawsuit would probably lean his way, so he probably did not need to show any aggression towards Cordon, since he was most likely going to win in court.
  • No signs of a forced entry could be attributed to negligence on Cordon’s part.  A window may have been opened, a door unlocked.  Cordon herself did not know how the security system worked, so probably would not know how to set it.

You see, there is many different conclusions that can be made from these circumstances.  And we must remember that a crime is almost always never as cut-and-dry as it seems.  So what is your opinions/thoughts/detective work, SR Nation?  Do you think you have the case solved?  Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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