Jimmy Garoppolo Is Not As Good As You Think: Destroying the Hype

I am tired about all the hype surrounding Jimmy Garoppolo.  I thought I had put it behind me, but then I saw an article talking about how he is a future Hall-of-Famer.  It is time to reveal the hidden truth about Jimmy Garoppolo.  It is time to kill the hype, and put it to rest!

Small Sample Size

This one is simple, and probably the most common argument against Jimmy G.  He has only started 7 games total.  Anyone can look good in only 7 games.  We have yet to see Jimmy play a full season, and see how his stamina holds up.

Jimmy did not throw very many touchdowns

If you listen to the Sports Media, it sounds as if Jimmy G was blowing everyone away with his stats last season.  However, if you look at one of the most important statistics (Passing TDs), you may be underwhelmed.  If you subtracted the first 49ers game that Jimmy was put into at the end (he only threw twice), Jimmy threw 6 touchdowns in 5 games…That is not very impressive.  If Jimmy continues that pace for the 2018 season, he will only throw 19 touchdowns.  That is not the stats of an All-Pro.  Why, even Blake Bortles threw 21 TDs last season.  So in TDs, Jimmy does not look great, and looks worse than Bortles.  Who knew?

Jimmy throws a lot of INTs

One statistic that gets overlooked, when it comes to Mr. Golden-Boy here, is interceptions.  In the 5 games he started, Jimmy had 5 interceptions.  That is averaging 1 interception per game.  That is 16 interceptions in a full season.  Only 1 Quarterback in 2017 had more than 16 INTs (DeShone Kizer, 22 ints) and only 1 quarterback had exactly 16 ints (Cam Newton).  Eli Manning, Blake Bortles, Jay Cutler and every other quarterback had less than 16 interceptions in 2017.  So if Jimmy Garoppolo did play the entire season, he would have been one of the worst at turnovers.  That’s my Boiii!!!

Jimmy’s wins were not THAT impressive

I know what you may be thinking…“Bassett, statistics are not as important as wins!  And Jimmy won all 5 of the games he started, so isn’t that the most important thing?”. And yes, that is true.  Wins are arguably the most important statistic, and Jimmy did win all 5 games he started last season.  However, if you look at those games in more detail, I would say that they are not nearly as impressive as the media makes it sound like.  Lets look at them:

First start: 49ers 15, Bears 14

This was Jimmy’s first start, and he beat the Bears.  However, the Bears were not that good last season.  And the 49ers did not score a single touchdown the entire game!  The won the game with 5 Field Goals.  Jimmy had an INT, and threw for a lot of yards, but always stalled when he got close.  If anything, this would make me more worried about Jimmy, and how he could not get into the end-zone that entire game.  A win is a win, but this win was not pretty, and Jimmy could not seal the game, making it a very close (and lucky) win.

Second Start: 49ers 26, Texans 16

Jimmy Garoppolo was able to beat T.J. Yates and the Texans!  Yippeee!  What an astounding victory!  Jimmy was able to come against all odds, and beat a QB who has more INTs than TDs in his career, has always been a backup, and was leading a team that had lost a lot of their key players!

Obviously, I was not impressed.  Garoppolo had a lot of yards, but again…He had a lot of FGs.  Carlos Hyde had a good game, and probably was one of the main reasons the 49ers won.  However, the biggest reason the 49ers won was simply because the Texans were bad.  They had a horrible quarterback, and the defense was injured.

Third Start: 49ers 25, Titans 23

Again, again, again!  One thing that you can take away from these wins is that Jimmy G stalls a lot, and only gets FGs!  This game, Jimmy threw 1 TD, and then lead the team to 6  field goals!  Six!  The 49ers had 4 in the previous game, and 5 in his first start!  Bringing his grand total to 15 in 3 games!  The 49ers barely won, and the Titans came close to winning in the second half.  However, Jimmy did not throw a INT, which is good for Jimmy, considering this is the only 49ers game he had not thrown a interception.  So good job there, but still a pretty sloppy game.

Fourth Start: 49ers 44, Jaguars 33

This is the game that all Jimmy-Bandwagoners point to.  However, I am more impressed with the 49ers running game in this matchup.  Breida averaged almost 7 yards a carry, and scored the touchdown that put the 49ers out of the Jags reach.  This game was Jimmy’s  featured his lowest passing yards total out of the 5 starts.  20 of the points came from running back rushing touchdowns/defensive scores.   This was probably Jimmy’s most impressive game, but he had quite a bit of help from the rushing game, and the defensive score helped a ton.

Fifth Start: 49ers 34, Rams 13

This was a blowout win for Jimmy…Except that the Rams had already clinched a playoff spot, and were resting a lot of their starters (Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, etc.).  So Jimmy G’s quarterback foe was the infamous Sean Mannion.  With no quarterback, and no good running backs, this was probably Jimmy’s easiest opponent all season.  Jimmy had two TDs, but do not worry, Jimmy did not want to have a perfect performance, so he also had 2 interceptions.  Carlos Hyde had a great game for the 49ers, who averaged almost 6 yards a carry, and had two rushing touchdowns.  If anyone was to be MVP of this game, it would be a tossup between the Rams backups, or Carlos Hyde’s strong performance.  Sorry Jimmy G, your 2 INTs did not help much.

Last-Minute Discovery!

One last thing, before I stop typing…As I was researching each game, I realized something was funny about all of the TD passes that Jimmy had in each game.  The longest touchdown pass he had in his “5 starts to fame” was 12 yards…And the 5 others were all under 10 yards.  So yeah, just thought I would throw that in here at the end.

Anyways, SR Nation, that is all I have got about Jimmy Garoppolo.  Do not get me wrong, I do not dislike Jimmy G, what I dislike is the unfounded praise that he gets from the media, or people who do not know what he really did during those 5 starts.  I am interested on what you think about Jimmy Garoppolo, however.  Do you think he will be good next season, or is he a bust?  Put your answers in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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