Deshaun Watson: Worth the Price in Fantasy Football?

Deshaun Watson became popular last season, with his streak of amazing games.  He became even more popular for fantasy football leagues during that time…That is, until he tore his ACL and was out for the rest of the season.  However, people were not as frustrated with the injury of Watson, since they had not drafted Watson very high, so they were not depending on him to carry their team that season anyways.

However, this season is a little different.  Ever since his few good games, Watson has shot up the draft boards, and fantasy football rankings.  According to FantasyPros, they rank Watson 5th out of all QBs, but apparently, he is the second QB taken off the board in a lot of leagues.  ESPN has Watson 6th overall, so almost the same as FantasyPros.

My question in this article…Is Watson worth the Price?

Watson was the best QB for a month (basically), but should you make or break your team over a QB who has played less than ten games in the NFL?  I am not so sure.  Plus, Watson is entering his sophomore season, and we all know what that means…Disaster (for most QBs).

Not only is the little sample size a worry, but we also must remember that he got a season ending injury last year.  It may not affect his play this season, but we really are not sure until the season starts what impact the injury will have on Watson.

Also, with Watson getting injured in his first season, how likely is it that he will become a consistent Brees, or a injury-prone Andrew Luck?  So far, I would be scared that Watson may get injured again.  I would like to see him play a full season (without injures) to make sure Watson is not one of “Those Fragile-QB-ers”.  Obviously, I am not saying he is injury-prone, but for the time being, I have not seen Watson make it through a full season yet, so I have no reassurance that he is capable of being a consistent starter.

Lastly, I am a little worried about Watson, not just because of his small sample size, or his injury, but because of the Texans.  People will bring up that he has DeAndre Hopkins, and Will Fuller, but what about the running game?  The Texans running game has continually been decreasing as the years have gone by.  Last season, Lamar Miller only had 888 rushing yards, a decrease from the year before.  D’onta Foreman has been an increasing role, but I do not like putting faith of a rushing game in the hands of a backup.  Everyone knows that a strong rushing game helps balance the offense, but also helps the passing game SIGNIFICANTLY.  The Texans may enter the season with one of the worst rushing attacks in the league (not the worst, just one of the worst).  So that also causes me to worry, since opposing defenses will be more concerned with Deshaun Watson’s passing, then focusing on the RBs.

In my opinion, Watson is not worth the high draft pick for my Fantasy team.  Not only do I not like drafting Quarterbacks early (one of my personally drafting philosophies), but I would rather draft Drew Brees, who is being ranked and drafted a slot or two below Watson.  Brees has always been consistent, so if I was going to draft a QB earlier, than I would rather pick the consistent, sure QB then the Risky Watson.

But what do you think, SR Nation?  Do you think that Watson is a top-tier pick, or a bust?  Put your snidely remarks in the comment section below, and remember, be the best sports fan you can possibly be, and do WLYF! 

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  • I’ve abstained from fantasy football for a few years because it ruins my enjoyment of the game. I shouldn’t be upset when my Vikings score a game winning touchdown, but it wasn’t the running back (who’s on my fantasy team). Football is much better, more pure…when fantasy is removed.

    I think Watson is legit, but you asked the right question: Will Watson be an injure prone Luck or reliable Brees?

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  • Watson should be able to build off of hid impressive rookie campaign. He has the weapons around him. From a fantasy standpoint I am thinking he will be a top five QB. Not only will he have the passing stats, but he can get it done on his feet too. Hopefully he stays healthy because he is a real treat to watch when healthy.

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  • I personally would not draft Watson at his current price. I also like to wait a little bit for a QB and have seen him go as early as the 3rd round. His price is to rich for me, and living near Houston I probably won’t be able to get many shares of him.

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